Freedom 251 Images Gallery- all possible angles covered

Freedom 251 smartphone has become a buzz now and everyone in India is talking about it (both good as well as bad things). Some people are questioning in company’s credibility and according to them no one will get a single piece of Freedom 251 smartphone in coming 4 months. I believe best way for Ringing Bells to deal with such scenarios is to start delivery of all the phones that they have in inventory and to request the receivers to come up with reviews on company’s official social pages.

By doing so, company will prove one side of people wrong in one go and at the same time they will get word of mouth and trust from all around. It will boost their sales like anything. Here I am going to share image gallery of Freedom 251 smartphone that covers some of the best pics from every possible angle.

Image Gallery of Freedom 251 Smartphone

Here is will try to cover the phone from various possible angles. I hope they will start the F251 delivery soon so that we can have hands on review, video review etc. Never mind, we will have to wait long for this I guess. Till then we can get smartphone’s idea (in term of looks,
design etc) from these images in the gallery.

Freedom 251 Phone Kit/Accessories images
This is what F251 smartphone bundle/packet will look like. This image shows all the accessories that you will get within your Freedom 251 smartphone box.

F251 Battery, SIM and SD card slot images
Check out the images for battery, SD card and SIM slots for F251 smartphone.

Freedom 251 base, mic, speaker grille images
Check out the image for same. Charging port is given on the top side of the phone and other ports like mic, speaker etc are fixed at bottom. Do check out the image for more details:

Freedom 251 Audio Jack and USB Charging port images
As mentioned above, F251 does not have charging port at phone bottom. It is given at the top side of phone and is paired up well with 3.5 mm audio jack. Back camera and flash is also visible in this photo.

F251 Smartphone Front Panel
Front side has usual FF camera for taking selfies mic and home button that looks similar to Apple TouchID.

Freedom 251 smartphone back rear panel
It have camera, LED Flash and Indian National Flag tri color look. Do check out below image.

This is the image gallery for Freedom 251 smartphone. I have tried to cover the phone from all possible angles. Do let me know if you want F251’s photo's from any other angle.

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