Is Freedom 251 a Scam? Discussion

Is Freedom 251 a scam? A big question it is and every individual have different views on it. Here I will share my views about whether Freedom 251 can be a scam or not and I will request you all to share your views by commenting here.

Before moving any further let we quickly revise all the Freedom 251 specifications that includes a 4 inch qHD screen, Android 5.1 Lollipop OS coupled with quad core processor having 1.3 GHz clocking and 1 GB RAM coupling. It comes with both rear and front facing cameras having the lens power of 3.2 and 0.3 MP respectively.

Is Freedom 251 a Scam?

First of all we should analyze the reason why this question has come into existence. Below are few reasons for it: website was created just one day before the bookings were started. If a company has well planned things then how come can someone create main website just one day prior to the event.

Site got crashed within few minutes of booking started. I understand that huge numbers can affect servers in bad manner but it gave bad impact to the overall credibility of the company.

• Bugs in programming is the third reason which somewhere points Freedom 251 towards being a scam program. People were able to order .5 unit of the phone also. However company fixed it once it was noticed but it shows unplanned things again.

• Such low cost: Yes, low cost of this smartphone is also one of the reason why people are thinking it of a scam. Such features for 250 INR ($4 approx) is really unbelievable.

These are few reasons why people are thinking Freedom 251 smartphone a scam. Now let me share my views.

Coming to the website creation date then I too can’t digest thing. I mean if I want to launch some product and have proper planning for it then I will definitely create the required web properties well 2-3 months before the launch. It might be the case that Ringing Bell has just come up with this plan 1-2 weeks prior to the launch but in that case too the booking platform must have been created before 1 week of the launching date at least.

Website can crash and there is nothing fishy about it. They didn’t expected this much bookings so it is completely justified.
Programming bus can also be justified to some sort. They corrected it within time and it is more important. So clean chit here as well.

Low cost is something that stirs my mind again. Rs 250 is really very cheap for such a phone. I hope they will be able to deliver their promises.

In an official statement from Ringing Bells CEO, it is being said that bookings for Freedom 251 are currently stopped and they will open it again after sometime. So good luck to all the lucky ones who have booked F251 this time.

Let’s wait for 4 months and see what gonna happen. Please share your views on what you actually think about Freedom 251 smartphone.