Review and Price of Freedom 251- is it worth to buy?

Freedom 251 is the latest buzz in India that has shocked everyone with its price tag. Bundling these many specifications at this cost is really awesome and seems next to impossible. But all thanks to Freedom 251 smartphone makers who have made it possible. Here we are going to review this smartphone on basis of its price and will try to analyze the things like is it a good purchase and whether you should buy it or not (I know you are not going to think this much as it is really very cheap and very few will consider thinking twice to go for this phone).

Freedom 251 Price

Price goes with the name. For start, Freedom 251 is being sold for Rs. 251 only. If you are hearing it for the first time then you might be shocked like me (I was really shocked when I heard Freedom 251 price for the first time). Yes it is true, you are going to get a fully-fledged smartphone just for Rs. 251 ($5 hardly, less than $5 in fact).

Things you are going to get for Rs. 251 are as below:

• 4 inch IPS screen with qHD resolution

• Android 5.1 Lollipop OS

• Quad core processor which is clocked at 1.3 GHz freq and paired up with 1 GB RAM

• 8 GB external memory with the options of expandability up to 32 GB (you can use external memory card for this task)

• 1450 mAh battery with good battery backup

• 3.2 MP rear and 0.3 MP (VGA) front facing camera

• All required connectivity tools

Freedom 251 Review: is it worth to buy?

I am literally laughing now. I mean one should not have this question at this point. What will you get for Rs. 251 today. You will spend way more than this in a single trip or for one time meal in good restaurant or simple movie.

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You can’t get a better price to value product than Freedom 251 currently. The only part which concerns me is execution part. How well they will manage its sale is the big question.

Today itself their website got crashed and people have started comparing it with the flop project Aakash. I hope everything goes well this time and more and more number of people will be able to experience the feel of Freedom 251 smartphone.
Kudos to all who have successfully booked Freedom 251 smartphone on the first day itself.