Report says Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Noida Office Closed, is company a Fraud?

You might have seen a picture that shoes Ringing Bells as a fraud company going viral on social media platforms (mainly Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp) these days. According to that image, Ringing Bells Company has no office at the registered company address. It also states that Ringing Bells Noida office is closed from one last week and no employee has ever reported there in last one week.

According to this report/image, Ringing Bells was registered on 15 September 2015 at the address: IX/6273, Gandhi Nagar Market, Mukherjee Gali, Delhi. If reports are to be believed then no such office is located at above address. Some even says that this address is not correct and it is located one-two streets away than the registered address.

So is Ringing Bells Freedom 251 a Scam and Noida office really closed?

Frankly speaking then we have no ideas about what the actual story really is. We have just portrayed the report that is shown in that viral picture. We are not confirming the facts on basis of one viral pic only.

Looking at the Freedom 251 website then everything looks fine there. The way, company’s CEO addressed media about their vision, promise (when questions were raised earlier), it looks pretty evident and nothing looked fishy that time.

Let us all wait for official announcement from Company side or the probe to get started.

We will keep you updated so stay tuned.