Shall I buy Freedom 251 Smartphone or not?

Lot of hypes, an unbelievable price bundled with awesome specs, site crashed in few minutes of the start of the sale. This is something that we can relate Freedom 251 with. It has become one of the most hyped news/event of 2016 till now. I mean a smartphone that covers so many things for just Rs. 251 is simply awesome and nothing can beat it.

But should you buy it or not is still a big question. Here I will tell you why this question has popped up in most of the minds.

Clumsy things about Freedom 251 administration

Administration is the first thing that I can’t appreciate about this smartphone. One simple question, was company not expecting these many hits on their servers? Were they not confident in their product? Well from the first scenarios it seems so. Their website got crashed within few minutes of the sale start. This is not something expected from a brand.

Have a look at their website logo, it too don’t look that professional. If you are lucky enough and have got the chance to book your Freedom 251 smartphone then you might have experienced poor management there as well. They are redirecting you to CCAvenue payment gateway which is also crashing several times.

This is the scenario when the customer is ready to spend Rs. 251 for their product. What can happen when their turn will come (I mean when they will have to deliver the smartphones). Will they be able to fulfill this much demand in time? It is the question of most of the F251 smartphone seekers like me.

By the way F251 sale has gone so far, don’t know what thing is stopping me buying this smartphone now. At one side I am thinking of waiting for some time before people start receiving this smartphone and on the other side I don’t want to miss that initial fun also (I want to be among the ones who will try it with the first stock out).

Talking about myself then I am in sort of dilemma about whether to buy Freedom 251 or not. Please do share your thought about it, what do you think about Freedom 251? Are you ready to test it with the first stock out? Have you booked your Freedom 251 now?

Do let me know if anything needed.


ibooked the mobile but i still havent recieved any payament link which they had promised to do so.i have the order code can i trace the