When Freedom 251 Bookings will start again?

First phase of Freedom 251 booking is over now. If you check official Freedom 251 website then you will find “Booking Closed” status there. Hopefully you have booked your Freedom 251 successfully. Now people are asking about when Freedom 251 bookings will start again. Ringing Bells has received good number of bookings this time. Hopefully they will keep their promise and will start dispatching Freedom 251 smartphones as soon as possible.

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When Freedom 251 bookings will open again?

As I said above, bookings for phase 1 is over and now it will be the time for phase 2 things. Check out the official screenshot from Freedom mobile officials:

In the message from officials, it is clearly written that they haven’t expected this much deliveries as a result of which they have to close the bookings for phase 1 now. There are some speculations about whether Freedom 251 can be a scam or not. I will not dive into the discussion much here (you can share your views there in the other article).

If officials are to be believed then they are done with phase 1 cutover and now they will start working n delivery part. As they have received more than expected number of bookings does that mean they will now take more time in delivery part? They are already taking 4 months to deliver the phone to end users and as per the trends they might take little more to complete the orders now (hopefully they will deliver everything in 4 months as promised earlier).

If you read the message closely then the officials have thanked customers for showing this much love and they have said to serve customers again in the next phase (phase 2). It clearly indicates that for now company has some plans to come up with second phase for F251 smartphone (it appears from the message at least). It would be interesting to note when they will come back again but I believe they will start F251 smartphone bookings again after 4 months only. Till that time they will be very busy with handling the delivery part and will not get much time to get new requirements again. So let us give them some time. Let them deliver all the booked units and once it is done let we book the smartphone again.

If you have any concerns with the Freedom 251 smartphone then you can anytime reach their customer support. Please get your queries all answered so that you don’t feel cheated anytime. Do share your views here.

Good luck!