When will the Freedom 251 Smartphone Delivery Start- Check Exact Dates

Many people have successfully registered for Freedom 250 Smartphone till. If you are not able to book one till now then I will suggest you to go through these tricks to buy Freedom 251 successfully. According to sources, 30 thousand units of Freedom 251 were sold at first day of launch and it is coming in heavy numbers still. 30K sounds bit less to me and I believe it would have been way more if F251 website was not crashed that day.

Let’s leave all the things behind and let we focus on main area of concern i.e. when Ringing Bells will start delivery of Freedom 251 smartphone in 2016. We will cover various aspects in this article. So stay tuned.

When Freedom 251 smartphone will be delivered or shipped?

If you are hearing it for the first time then you might get some real time shock as company is claiming to deliver Freedom 251 smartphone in next 4 months. On official site it is written that all deliveries will be completed by 30 June 2016 and will be delivered through courier services which means there will be some tracking system also. I know you have lot of questions in mind like why they are taking this much time, are they really going to deliver Freedom 251 smartphone or they will just be a scam? We will address questions one by one.

Why Freedom 251 smartphone delivery is taking more time?
Ringing Bells is a startup and we understand it is not easy for them to build the entire units this fast. I am not sure but I guess they will follow parallel shipping process (deliver the units as soon as they are completed). This parallel approach will give them word of mouth and will surely increase their sale by many folds. So I have no complains for long delivery time if they follow this pipelined approach.

Is Ringing Bells really going to deliver Freedom 251 smartphone or they are just a scam?
See only time can answer this question. Whether they are fraud or genuine, we can’t comment on it unless delivery date crosses 30th June 2016 boundary. I really wish them to deliver promises as much as possible.

It is a nice step towards digital India support and it will enable most of the Indians to get connected to entire world much easily than the ways they have right now.

Please let me know your questions about F251 smartphone. I will try my level best to answer all the questions as soon as possible.