www.freedom251.com website not opening, any other way to buy Freedom 251 smartphone?

www.freedom.com website got crashed yesterday. Later in the evening, officials came with the detail of crash and according to them they received around 6 million real time users per second. 6 million traffic per second is really something that one can’t simply handle with basic infrastructure. This was the reason for crash for official website of Freedom 251 smartphone.

When the site got crashed, we started receiving various queries like we are not able to book Freedom 251 smartphone. How can we book Freedom 251? Is there any alternate way to book Freedom 251 smartphone etc. See Freedom 251 officials have limited the sales to exclusive stores only so there can’t be any other way to book or buy Freedom 251 smartphone except the official website. They haven’t even used other platforms like FlipKart, Amazon or Snapdeal for doing the same. They have limited the sales to them only.

How to book and buy Freedom 251 smartphone if www.freedom.com website is not opening?

As I just said above unfortunately there is no other way around to buy F251 smartphone other than official website. But you can anytime reach to customer support service of Freedom smartphone who can help you better on it I guess.

Later in the evening I saw one message from officials where they said that they are currently fixing the things and will very soon set up all the servers with better configuration to handle this much live traffic. Today morning I can see everything running fine and Buy Now option is also working well.

We will still have to wait for peak hours when maximum people will hit their servers. It would be interesting to note the things then.

Right now (2/19/2016, 7:20 AM IST), you can buy Freedom 251 smartphone for Rs 291 only (Rs. 251 + Rs. 40 shipping charges). So it is the best time you go and buy F251 smartphone at the earliest. Who knows what will happen in peak hours.

Do let me know if you need more details.