Can we play high end games on Freedom 251?

Freedom 251 is world’s cheapest smartphone (if company keeps its promise) that provide all the essential features that are required in a basic smartphone. Main attraction is its cost (Rs. 251 or less than $5 only). Providing hardware that supports Android with this price is a big deal in itself and we should not be expecting much from it but I am curious to know if we can raise the expectation a bit higher. Can Freedom 251 support high end games like Elder Scrolls Online, Asphalt 8, Need for Speed etc? I know such games need giant when it comes to configuration and hardware specification but what is there in testing.

PS: I am not testing these games on F251 as I don’t have one but I will be analyzing the performance based on the specification chart.

Can we play high end games on Freedom 251?

Ideally No, we won’t be able to play high end games on this simple/basic smartphone. However as per the specification chart, F251 comes with a quad core processor that is locked at 1GHz processor and is coupled with 1 FB RAM. These specifications are ideal for low-medium range games. However I am not sure about games like ESO, WoW, Asphalt 8 etc. Such games require very high end configuration and I don’t think F251’s specs matches the requirement here. However just for the testing purpose you can try up to Asphalt 8 and Need for Speed games. Please don’t go beyond that as it might affect your smartphone in worst ways.

Have anyone received Freedom 251 Smartphone?

I have booked it on the first day when it was launched. I still remember all the issues like Freedom 251 website was crashing, some technical glitches in the coding (people were able to order decimal quantities as well) etc. Till now I haven’t received my phone and I am waiting eagerly to get my hands live on F251. However if you are lucky and have received your smartphone then please let us know and kindly do share you experience as well.