{100% Working} Trick to Register and Buy ChampOne C1 Smartphone

While we are seeing same repeated message about payment gateway issue on ChampOne C1 official website, is there any sure shot way to register for C1 with 100% success rate? We will try to figure out it here. ChampOne C1 is one of the most awaited smartphone in Indian market that is getting popular because of low price tag and very high end specs. It gives the feel of a complete smartphone in each sense. It comes with finger touch support system (for unlocking the phone and coming back to home menu, most probably), Android 5.1 OS, Quad core 1.3 GHz processor coupled with 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, 2500 mAh battery and many other powerful features. Shocking thing about C1 is its price. ChampOne C1 comes with price tag of Rs. 501/- only (although discussions are going like this price is exclusive for first flash deal only and after that the price will be increased to Rs. 8000+ however no official sources have revealed anything like).

ChampOne C1 Payment Gateway Issue

Company is giving “Cash on Delivery” option which is different than what we have earlier seen with Freedom 251 smartphone. COD is something that is enough to reinstate buyer’s trust and also gives a genuine kind of touch at the same time. But buying ChampOne C1 is not that easy. It comes with a twist and twist is about registration process. In order to become eligible in 1st online sale that is to be conducted on 2nd September 2016, you will have to pre-register your entry on the C1 official website. Registered users only will be allowed to enter into booking gates so registration part is mandatory.

Whenever we are trying to register for new smartphone unit, we are receiving message/error about “payment gateway technical issues” which is becoming road block in the process and is stopping new users to mark their entry for the sale. As per message from officials (written on official website), they were going to restore the booking process in 24 hours. However we are now seeing same message for more than 24 hours which is questioning their credibility.

Is there any sure shot way to book ChampOne C1 Smartphone?

While we are getting such issues during registration part, isn’t there any sure shot way to book C1 smartphone with 100% success rate? We have one method/trick but we can’t guarantee whether it will yield 100% success rate or not. When online channels do not work then the only option left is through offline channels. Have a look at contact details of ChampOne C1 customer care. Do try your luck by calling their toll free number and asking them for booking your entry through offline channels. Do not forget to collect your product ID as that will be used as login pass on the booking day scheduled on coming 2nd September 2016.

This is how you can give a try to register for C1 smartphone while online resources are blocked or are facing technical glitches as per officials. We are having a keen look at when registration gates will open again. We will update you soon as soon as we have something worth to share about reinstating the registrations.