ChampOne C1 Payment Gateway Issue | When will it resolve? How to book C1 Now

If you check ChampOne C1 Official website now then you will see below message from company:

We are facing technical issue with our payment gateway partner [Ccavenue (Avenues India Pvt. Ltd.)]. You would not be able to register for the application for next 24 hours. We sincerely regret for your inconvenience and would try to get it fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your support..

ChampOne C1 Payment Gateway Issue

Looks like ChampOne is moving towards the path that Freedom 251 has already travelled (when Freedom website crashed and users were not able to access it even). Fortunately we are able to access official website but there is no use of accessing it if users are not permitted to register for Champone C1 smartphone (As flash sale will be opened for customers with valid product ID that is allocated after successful registration only).

What are the possible reasons? How to register for Champone smartphone now? When the bookings will open again? We will find answers to such questions here.

ChampOne C1 Payment Gateway Issues, how to register C1 now?

As far as the user’s point of view is concerned then most of them are seeing payment gateway issue as a publicity stunt only. It might be the case that pre-bookings/registrations have already crossed the limits of what Champ1 India have in their inventory (number of units of C1 smartphone).

Or it might be a genuine issue, however chances are very low as in such case company should have come up with detailed explanation about technical glitches and possible deadline about resolving it. They have said to solve the error within 24 hours but we are seeing the same message from approx. 20-22 hours now. They should have indicated a timeline with proper timestamp so that people can again proceed with the bookings.

How to register and buy ChampOne C1 Now?

As of now you can contact Champ1 India Company about the issue. Simply explain them the current scenario (they must be aware of it already). They will guide you with the best possible solutions. Request them to book your order offline and to provide you unique product ID that you can use at time of flash sale going live on 2nd September 2016.

When ChampOne C1 Payment Gateway Issue will resolve?

As per statement from company officials, they will solve all the technical issues within next 24 hours. However they have not mentioned clearly about the exact date when their 24 hours will complete. We have seen same message printed on official portal since last 20+ hours now. Hopefully they will resolve it in coming 4-5 hours so that we will be able to book the phone again.

Let us know your views about ChampOne C1 smartphone status. Whether it will be genuine or you smell some sort of fraud here.

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(may be through offline channels by contacting company officials directly)

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