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Lots of people are asking about ChampOne S1 smartphone. To be very frank I don’t think it is the original name of latest flagship from company as they are going to launch ChampOne C1 smartphone coming 2nd Sep 2016. Here we will try to analyze what ChampOne S1 may be like and what all features it provides. Discussion will include its price and specs part too.

ChampOne S1 Smartphone

Technical specifications of ChampOne S1

We have two options/theories about hampOne S1. Either it is nothing but ChampOne C1 about which we have already discussed much in last few days. It is a super smartphone that is launched for Rs. 501/- only. It comes with 4G connectivity and finger scanner system. Android 5.1 is there that is built over quad core structure paired up with 2 GB RAM and 2500 mAh battery. 8 MP rear, 5 MP front facing cameras are provided to balance photography section. All in all it is a super smartphone when it comes to specs at this price point.

You can read complete report here:

ChampOne C1 Specifications

If you check official portal of Champ1 India then you will find another product ChampOne Clean Master there. Is it something that the users are referring to ChampOne S1? We really don’t know that. However here is short info about ChampOne Clean Master that seems to be essential in booking process of ChampOne C1.

It is a cleanup app that is capable of managing below things with any smartphone:

• It analyzes junk files and then removes them to manage storage part

• Can kill buggy apps that consumes good part of memory and slows down your smartphone

• It has the potential to keep spyware away from your smartphone and thus protecting your personal information

• Battery saver that hibernates background battery drainage to nearly full potential

So it is a smartphone optimizer sort of app that can optimize any smartphone by managing memory storage and saving battery against illicit use.

ChampOne S1 Price

In the initial sale, company is going to make it available for Rs. 501/- only. However prices will rise after first sale and may go beyond Rs. 8000 also. so please do hurry and register for ChampOne C1 today.

ChampOne Cleaner App too comes with paid subscription and you will have to fillin one entry form for getting the price quote. It asks you about basic details (personal and demographic details) before giving the price quote. So fill it to get the latest price quote.

ChampOne Cleanup App

This is all about ChampOne S1 smartphone. Do let us know if you need anything extra or have some other clue about it.


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