Is ChampOne C1 a Scam? {Open Discussion}

So finally here we have something that has gone on the lines of Freedom 251. I mean first create hype and then start escaping customers with lame reasons. We are talking about ChampOne C1 Smartphone here. It is launched with a price tag of Rs. 501/- (may be for first sale only) which looks too good for the features it comes with. However it comes with a twist, in order to buy it in first live online sale on 2nd September 2016, you will need to register for it first. No issues till now, what ‘s the big deal in registration for getting such an awesome smartphone for this cost. Anyone would love to register and buy it as soon as possible.

So how to register for ChampOne C1? You can register through official website (as per reports from officials). But now comes the tricky part. You make you mind and think about registering your entry for the event. But as you visit official site, you will be welcomed with below image:

ChampOne C1 a Scam

It reads that because of some technical glitches/issues they are not accepting new entries for next 24 hours. They will fix it and will reinstitute booking process in next 24 hours. Friends I am seeing the same message from last 3 days, don’t know when those 24 hours will be over.

Is ChampOne C1 a Scam?

With such lame responses, it appears like ChampOne has already reached the maximum amount of pre-bookings that they have panned of. If it is the case then they should come up clearly and accept that they have reached the maximum number of intakes and are closing the pre-bookings now. What is the point of popping such message where they are promising to fix technical glitches in next 24 hours (and they are showing same message from last 3 days now, lol).

Anyways, we will leave it to you whether you thinks Champ1India is emerging like a scam or will they be able to keep their promise by reinstituting the bookings again and delivering such high quality phone for Rs. 501 only.

Time of ChampOne C1 online Sale

Many were asking about exact time when the sale will go online. So the first ChampOne C1 online sale will start on 2nd September 2016 from 11:00 AM onwards. As discussed earlier, it will be open for people with bookings only. So try to book your slot before proceeding towards flash sale.