{SOLD OUT} Freedom 9900 LED TV Sale | How to Buy Now

Freedom 9900 LED TV (also called as Ringing Bells LED TV) bookings were opened earlier today and it went like a flash sale where all units were sold within a very short span of time (we are sorry but we don’t have idea about exact timings for which the sale was live and people were able to book Freedom LED TV through official portal). All we know that when we checked earlier this morning (around 5:30 AM IST; August 15, 2016), the deal was already dead and it was showing “Sold Out” status on official website.

Freedom 9900 LED Sold Out: When the bookings will open again?

No official statement about exact date of Freedom LED TV is out yet however they have earlier conveyed the message that if people like Ringing Bells 9900 LED TV and they receive good response from customers then they will open the booking again (that too soon).
We will share exact dates about when booking for Freedom LED TV starts again as soon as we receive something official from company sources.

Freedom LED Sold Out

Any other way to book Freedom LED TV?

As of now booking gates are closed and unfortunately we see no other way in to the booking portals. All we can do is wait but I believe it is good as shipment will start from tomorrow and we will have the option to watch out the customer’s review before booking own Ringing Bells LED TV next time.

Company has already given statement that they have pre-manufactured TVs in their inventory and they will start shipping immediately after the booking process is over. As the bookings are closed now so we can expect them to start shipping real soon (may be from 16th August i.e. tomorrow).

Till now we haven’t received any complaints like Ringing Bells website crashed, bugs with programming or anything of this sort. It seems like they have taken important lessons from their last venture Freedom 251 Smartphone launch and have implemented the learning well (both technically and functionally).

Do participate in the discussion ad let us know if you were able to book your Freedom 9900 LED TV in first sale or not.


That sale wasnt there for even a minute ( I event doubt the sale was there). At 12:1 a.m., it was "know more" and at 12:03, it is "sold out". Lets see if anyone comments who got it booked.

They are cheating,without any buy option, they were showing sold out option at 12:03pm

They are cheating,without any buy option, they were showing sold out option at 12:03pm