Buy Jio Lyf Easy Online/Offline for Rs.1000 Only | Specs, Images, Availability

Jio Lyf Easy is going to be cheapest 4G smartphone in world very soon. Jio is letting no stone untouched from Indian digital world. At first they let everyone experience the power of 4G network through Jio Welcome offer which can be re-launched in form of Jio Welcome Offer 2 very soon. Providing 4G connectivity to remotest of places across India was really a big and tough challenge for Jio team. But kudos to them for covering almost each peak and nook of country and letting people experience 4G power for free of cost. One common issue that was faced by most of the users was un-availability of 4G enabled smartphone. Talking about rural areas then no one would want to invest money in buying a costly 4G enabled smartphone just for testing Jio Welcome offer. This might have played the role of villain in Jio's dream of reaching 100 million users till December 31st 2016.

Jio Logo
Jio Logo

But no worries now as Jio has come up with solution to this basic problem. Jio is going to launch Jio Lyf Easy 4G Smartphone for an unbelievable cost of Rs. 1000-1500 only. You read it write, you can now have 4G enabled VoLTE smartphone for Rs. 1000-1500 only. Named as Jio Lyf Easy it is expected to hit Indian market in the same passion what we have seen earlier with Jio offer launch. It is surely going to catch attention with Jio compatibility and 4G connectivity that too packed for such unbelievable price. In the due course of this article, you will find answers to most of your questions related to Jio Rs. 1000 4G smartphone including its technical specifications, Images, price, store offering it, launch date and much more.

Techincal Specifications/Features of Jio Lyf Easy Smartphone

It is going to be a 4G enabled smartphone that comes with VoLTE technology so we can expect it to be reliable in terms of other common specs as well. Although we are waiting for officials to come up with real specifications soon (we will update this article with real official specifications once they are confirmed by Jio team) but till then let we share our expectations in terms of a Rs. 1000-1500 4G enable smartphone. It will have a touch screen display with moderate resolution. Dual or quad core processor will be there with average RAM space (please don't expect it to boast a very powerful processor chip coupled with huge boxes of RAM, it will be very moderate).

Jio Lyf Easy Smartphone
Jio Lyf Easy Smartphone

It will surely have the space for dual cameras (both front as rear panels) one for face chat and another for clicking usual pictures. Resolution or lens power we can't say much now but it will be decent for sure. It might come up with 4GB-8GB memory unit that is enough for an entry level smartphone. We will list down all the technical specifications and features once they are official. Please keep visiting for latest updates.

Below are the expected technical specifications of Jio Lyf Easy smartphone. We will keep it updated with latest news:
Above 4 inch
Dual core min
Operating System
Android Marshmallow or higher
5 MP+
SIM Type
Nano SIM mostly (might have dual SIM slots)
4G VoLTE connectivity, WiFi
2000 mAh +
Rs. 1000-1500
Do let us know if you think the actual specs can be different (we will also be updating it from time to time with official notification about actual specs). It should be based on Android OS which will give you the access to exciting world within limits.

Where and how to buy Jio Lyf Easy Smartphone on Online and Offline Stores

Kind of specs, features that Jio Lyf smartphone seems to come up with it is very likely to hit the shopping stores (might be through Reliance digital again) with the same storm as it was the case with Jio SIM. In such cases it will become highly relevant to find out the best store near to your area that have high availability of Lyf Easy smartphone. We will soon update the list of stores in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Kolkata, Ahemdabad, Surat, Raipur etc here.

Coming to online sale and availability of Jio Lyf Easy smartphone then it might go on sale through official portal or through traditional vendors like Amazon, FlipKart, Snapdeal etc.

Follow below steps to buy Jio Lyf Easy Smartphone Online:

1.     Visit official store link (will update after launch)
2.     Check for the smartphone specs and visit the "Buy Now" option
3.     Enter shipping details
4.     Choose the payment option and pay accordingly

This is all! You have successfully registered for Jio 4G smartphone and now it will be shipped to your address with defined timelines. There will be a system to track and check status of Jio Lyf Easy shipment.

When Jio Lyf Easy will be launched

It is expected to be launched somewhere during 2017 start. We may see it going live from January 2017 itself. As per some reports, Jio might work with Lava to build complete smartphone unit. It would be interesting to see how Lava in association with Jio will develop the cheapest 4G enabled smartphone in coming months (if reports are true).

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