How to purchase Champ1 Clean Master and get license for Flash Sale

Champone makers are going to conduct another online flash sale on 18 Nov 2016. In case you were not able to get your hands live on Champ1 smartphone in previous sale, you can try your luck this time. Usually priced at Rs. 7999, you can buy C1 Smartphone for discounted rate of Rs. 501 only. Like last time, Champone makers have again set the pre-requisite to allow customers having valid registration key of their Cleaner App to enter into the flash sale only. Without a valid license key of Champ1 Clean Master App, you won't be allowed to be a part of flash sale anymore.

Here we will discuss step by step detail about how to buy/purchase clean master app from Champone and get eligible for the flash sale that is going to be conducted on 18th November 2016.

How to purchase Champ1 Clean Master App

Follow below steps to get your hands on live app:

Champ1 Cleaner App Subscription Form
Champ1 Cleaner App Subscription Form

  • Enter details like name, state, district, city, village, address, phone, postal code, email and number of subscriptions.
  • You will have to pay Rs. 51/- for each subscription so decide accordingly.
  • Once you enter all the details, select "I accept terms and conditions" and hit the "Submit" option
  • You will now be asked for making Rs. 51/- payment. You can pay through card, net banking or wallet

Champ1 CLean Master App Payment
Champ1 Clean Master App Payment

  • Depending upon the type of payment option, you will be redirected to respective payment gateway
  • Complete the payment. Once you complete all the formalities, you will be issued unique Champ1 Clean Master's unique license key that can be used as entry pass for the flash sale going to be conducted on 18th Nov or any time in future.

What is Champ1 Clean Master App

Clean Master App from Champ1 is a performance booster that manages tedious tasks on your Android smartphone and helps in managing memory resources with better throughput. It optimized phone's performance by keeping the cache clean cleaning unwanted logs/history from the smartphone. It helps with keeping the smartphone clean and faster/optimized at the same time.

Champ1 Clean Master apk

Coming to the apk part then you can get it directly from the official download. apk will be installed as soon as you pay the processing app and installs it on your smartphone. You don't need to worry about any separate apk or file manager in this case.

Champ1 Clean Master App Screenshots

Check out some of the screenshots of Clean Master App:

Champ1 Clean Master App Screenshot1
Champ1 Clean Master App Screenshot1
Champ1 Clean Master App Screenshot2
Champ1 Clean Master App Screenshot2
Champ1 Clean Master App Screenshot3
Champ1 Clean Master App Screenshot3

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