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Narendra Modi is dynamic and unique in many ways. With his tenure till now, he has done many things that have/had paradigm shift on the society. Banning Rs. 500, 1000 notes and introducing new Rs. 500 and 2000 note was one such decision that has impacted almost every Indian citizens (be it NRI or someone staying in India itself). Modi is a tech geek and is quite popular on social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook etc, we are waiting for him to come on Instagram as well), and as per official statements he makes sure to check social media trends on regular basis. In this article we will talk about Modi App that gives you the chance to shout out your opinions directly to PM Modi and also it gives the chance to have a meet with PM directly. We will check on important aspects like Narendra Modi App free download, Modi App on Google Play Store, iPhone iOS App Stores, Widnows Store, Modi App in Hindi and many other relevant things. Modi app is available both in Hindi as well as in English. You can download, install and use it in any language you want (Hindi and English so far). We will also be looking at apk's and some other alternatives to download Modi directly from the official website without any need of visiting various stores.

Download Narendra Modi App from Google Play Store

Narendra Modi App on Play Store
Narendra Modi App on Play Store

Check out the Modi APp on Play Store here. It is the official link to Modi App for all Android users out there. Seems to be doing fairly well on rating level with 4.7 average rating so far (November 23rd 2016 with 133,979 responses on Play Store). Modi App on Play store is being updated from time to time and is always packed with latest happenings in India. You will get to know about various day to day happenings and some unseen facts of Modi's life on the official app (we have listed down complete features and expectations in remaining course of this article).

Download Narendra Modi App from Apple App Store

Modi app is listed on iOS App store also. There too it has received high rankings (4+) and is updated time to time with quality updates and stuff. You can download it on both iPhone and iPad.

Modi App on App Store
Modi App on App Store
You can download Modi app from APp store using this link. Downloading and installing instructions are simple and same as any other application. You can try this app for Mac and other Apple OS platforms as well. We have tried it with iOS and Mac platforms and everything has worked flawlessly so far.

Download Narendra Modi App from Windows Store

How can we and developers forget about potential Windows market/store. Developers have developed and uploaded it on all 3 popular and basic application stores. Not only app stores they have developed a mechanism which allows you to donwload Modi App with a miss call only. We will come to that part later. You can download Modi App from Windows store here.

How to download Narendra Modi App directly from the official portal

As said above developers have provided the option to download it directly from the official website itself. You can download it directly through 3 different ways:
  • Enter your mobile number and get the download link there
  • Give missed call to get this app installed
  • Scan QR bar code through mobile
Download Modi App from website
Download Modi App from website

Modi App: Features and Highlights

It is official application of India's current PM Mr. Narendra Modi. It is designed with such an interface that will help you with getting instant updates around various corners of India. It gives you the platform to contribute your bit towards India's growth in many ways. You can set the settings to receive mail, messages directly from PM Modi.

This app can be used for below tasks:

  • For getting latest happenings around the country
  • Infographics and other medias to show Government's work and upcoming plans. It makes it easy to get suggestions/responses back from app users
  • Access to "Mann Ki Baat" with PM Modi Platform where you can put in your suggestions that can make real difference to people living near around your locality (or on India level as well)
  • Forum to share, discuss things with other likeminded people/users
  • To-do tasks to earn badges and levels
  • Chance to interact directly with PM Modi and share your views/suggestions directly to him
  • Access to personal blogs of Modi
  • Modi's Biography section where you can read his stories that will motivate you for sure
  • Initiatives taken by Indian Government at times
  • Personalized birthday wishes, greetings from PM Modi

Suggestions/Feedbacks about Demonetization in India

As discussed above, this app can be used as a medium to share your thoughts/suggestions on various ongoing scheme in India. One big scheme/initiatives that has shook Indians is recent demonetization process where old Rs. 500 and 1000 notes were banned with immediate effect. Its been almost 20+ days since the announcement now and things are getting better day by day. PM Modi has asked user's response on demonetization. As per the reports among all the received responses of survey, 93% users are happy with demonetization (survey was taken by approx 5,00,000 users). Only 2% users have seen/voted it as negative thing. Below are other findings from official app (in form of infographic):

You can too participate in survey by downloading the application and visiting the Poll section.

We will keep you updated with latest happening in Modi App (various news, updates, polls, suggestions etc). Please let us know if you need more information on any segment or want to share something relevant.

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