Download Modi KeyNote App for Apple iOS

Modi KeyNote is a popular app that is launched exclusively for Android platform. Many people are asking whether they can try and test Modi Key Note App on their Apple smartphones, iPhones. Till now developers have not molded it as per the standards of iOS OS (be it any iOS like iOS 7, 8, 9 or even 10). Does that mean iPhone users will not be used to test Modi KeyNote App? Well going by the rules it is not possible for Apple device users to try and test trending app about PM Modi explaining difference between real and fake Rs. 100, 500, 1000, 2000 currency notes. However there are some ways which can help anyone to test this entertainment/prank app irrespective of Operating System. We will discuss one such method in the due course of this article.

Modi KeyNote App for Apple iOS
Modi KeyNote App for Apple iOS

Modi KeyNote App for Apple iPhone and iOS

Modi KeyNote is an purely entertainment based application (prank app basically) that starts playing PM Modi's speech about demonetization of old Rs. 500, 1000 notes as soon as you scan new Rs. 2000 through it. It comes with an interface that allows the user to use camera for scanning purpose. If you are scanning some old note through Modi KeyNote Scanner then nothing will happen (even if you are scanning original and valid Rs. 100 note through it). But as soon as you scan new Rs. 2000 note through its scanner, it will start playing Modi's video about demonetization (official video). If anytime you move away the camera focus, video will stop and as soon as you bring the note in focus again the video will resume from the stopping point.

It works in 3 simple steps:

  • Download and install the app
  • Open it and sync camera
  • scan the currency note and enjoy (you can even try it with simple plane white papers of A4 or any other size)

Is Modi KeyNote a genuine/official App for identifying fake and real currency?

Let we make it very clear in the very starting. It is an entertainment based application which have no resemblance in identifying fake and real currency notes. It is designed to play PM Modi's video as soon as it captures dimensions of newly launched Rs. 2000 note. There is no point of it identifying between real and fake currency notes. Please use it for entertainment purpose only.

In order to identify between real and fake notes, you will have to visit RBI guidelines or nearby banks. That will be the only way to distinct original currency notes from fake ones.

How to download Modi KeyNote App on Apple iPhone iOS

You will have to go through Android emulators as there is no direct way to download and install KeyNote app directly on the Apple interface. Or else you will have to wait till the time developers decide to put the source code on Apple App Store.

BlueStacks Android App Player
BlueStacks Android App Player

You can choose any Android simulator like Bluestack which allows easy interaction and communication with all Android applications. Simply download, install it and start using Modi's App about real fake currency. Do let us know if you need help on installing BlueStacks on your machine. We can help you with that.