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One decision can impact many things. This sentence seems to be very accurate on PM Modi's speech about neglecting worth of old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. These denominations are no longer valid in Indian economy right now. New Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes have been introduced to replace these denominations. However after 1-2 weeks of official announcements, we can still see long-long queues in front of almost every ATM, bank office across the country (mainly in high populated cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kerala, Agra etc). Government has taken some initiatives and have announced schemes like withdrawing money from cash swipe machines and petrol pumps, but we will have to wait for seeing real impact of everything.

Here we will talk about Modi Keynote App which is available on Google Play Store and is developed as a fun part only. This app has become popular in almost no time and many people are searching about it. Modi Note or Modi Key Note is right now available for Android devices only. Here you will get information about how to download and use it. We will share some other useful facts about this wonderful application as well.

How to Download and Install Modi KeyNote Application

Follow below steps to install Modi Keynote application on your smartphone.
  1. Open Play Store from any of your smartphone
  2. Search for "Modi Keynote" app
  3. You may get various results there. Choose the one with heading "Modi Keynote (Prank app)" from Barra Skull Studios
  4. Install it like any other normal Android application
  5. It is very light, compact in size and is suitable with Android 4.4 and higher versions

How to use Modi Keynote to identify real and fake Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000 Currency Notes

Let we clear one thing in very starting. It is just a fun/prank app that do not have the capability to separate real and fake currency notes. it is made for fun only. So please don't expect it to do any sort of discrimination with real and old notes. You can use Modi Keynote app by usnig below steps:

  • Open Modi Ki Note App
  • One window related to note scanning will appear. It will look like below image:
Modi KeyNote App Scanning
Modi KeyNote App Scanning
  • Wait for some time till processing gets completed and it opens your device's/smartphone's camera
Modi KeyNote App Scan in Process
Modi KeyNote App Scan in Process
  • Once camera opens, you will be able to scan Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes through it
Modi KeyNote App to check Fake and Real Notes
Modi KeyNote App to check Fake and Real Notes
As long as you will keep scanning the currency note, you will keep hearing original speech of PM Modi about demonetizing old Rs. 500 and 1000 notes. As soon you move away the currency notes or zooms in the interface, the audio will stop.

This is all about Modi KeyNote Application that is made to differentiate between fake and real currency notes (as prank only). Developers have clearly put disclaimer of not using it like any real machine/app.

Download and install it, scan the note and get to know whether it is the real Rs. 500, Rs. 2000 note or not. Do use it and let us know your opinions after that.


Another useful app named BHIM App is launched in India now. This app will help people fight cashless payment issues with almost negligible efforts. Through this useful app, people can now pay for various goods (any sort of shopping) with help of their finger prints only (thumb prints to be precise). It works with UIDAI system and one need to have a working bank account linked to his/her Aadhar card for using BHIM application. Do check out how to use it and other things.

Seems like Modi Keynote App has faced some issues as when we tried accessing/seraching it on Google Play Store, we got below error:

"Sorry! This content is not available in your country yet. We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible. Please check back again soon."

Modi Keynote not available on Google Play Store
Modi Keynote not available on Google Play Store
Please have a look yourself and let us know if you too are facing same issues.

In case same issue occur at your end then main question arises here is how to download Modi Keynote App now or where to find it. Unfortunately if developers have removed it from root then you won't be able to download it from Play Store any more (unless and until they upload it again). There might come some other options like downloading and installing Modi Keynote app through apk or something similar but that is still not a permanent fix plus it might harm your device as it doesn't come from a trusted network so please be double sure before any such move.

As of now we are not 100% sure whether Modi Key Note app has been removed from Play Store permanently or is it a temporary error only. Please have a look yourself and update here if you are able to see and download Modi app from store still. We will come up with fix and alternate ways to download keynote app soon (if possible and legal).

We have received ample amount of response from users and as of now it seems like Modi KeyNote App is no longer listed on Play Store. We will keep you posted on best alternatives in coming time. Do let us know if you have any suggestions regarding same.

Modi KeyNote Application removed from Google Play Store

As suspected earlier, this app has been removed from Play Store now. Reason of removal is not yet clear but it seems like people might have questioned this app on basis of its authenticity and have flagged it as spam. If you have/had checked its listing on Play Store clearly then it was clearly mentioned that this application is created for fun purpose only and it should not be taken as a barometer for identifying real and fake currency notes. Still it comes as a shock that it has been removed from official Google Play Store now.

You can find many such similar app that are doing some actions (playing video, anime, cartoons etc) on scanning new Rs. 2000 note. If you want to play with them you can download them but it is really sad to know that one thing that could have entertained the masses is now removed from the Play Store. We can only hope that developers will soon come up with something unique that will again become viral and will entertain smartphone users.

Check out one YouTube video showing how this app behaves to real and fake notes:

Similar Apps like Modi KeyNote

As Modi App has been removed from Google Play Store, so people who have just heard of it and haven't tried it are looking for alternatives or similar apps like KeyNote. Seems like Android developers are in no mood to leave this opportunity as we have seen many similar apps popped up on Play Store in almost no time. If you check the PlayStore now, you will find many apps with similar concept of scanning new Rs. 500, 2000 note and then doing some specified item once recognized. Root concept is same i.e. identifying the dimensions of currency note (you can try with simple plain paper having exact dimensions like Rs. 2000 note) and then triggering some particular action.

So in case you haven't tried Modi App yet and are looking for free alternatives to scan and identify original Rs. 2000 notes (just kidding, these all are prank apps only and nothing to do with currency detection) then head over to store now and search for currency checker apps. You will get many apps there.

Please let us know if you need any help here. We will list down some of the best apps that can be perfect alternative for Modi KeyNote.

Give your views on money demonetization on Narendra Modi App

Keynote App is a custom developed application that was launched for fun/prank purpose only. However if you want to impact the things in real way then here comes the time. PM Modi has asked everyone's views on money demonetization process throughout the country. You can share your struggle, experiences, ideas and literally everything that you want to convey about entire process.

Narendra Modi App
Narendra Modi App

We would suggest and urge you all to download Nerendra Modi app and share your valuable feedback there. Nothing might happen on sharing everything on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is the right podium where you can reach out directly to PM and can make the words count. We will soon share tutorial on how to download, install and share views over demonetization on official Narendra Modi App.

Official Reason why Modi Keynote App was removed from Google Play Store

Finally media has received a byte from The Barra Skull Studios team. Everyone was stunned when this app was no longer listed on Play Store and was removed with the earliest effect. Some sort of ventilation was thought the reason of removal or we all were thinking that people have flagged it as spam so it was removed from store. But now no need for any such sort of guessing games. Below is what said by The Barra Skull Studios team.

As per them they have themselves removed the app from Play Store. They developed this app with a pure fun and prank intent. They have clearly mentioned about it in the app description/disclaimer itself but still there were users who were continuously spreading lies about Modi Keynote able to differentiate between fake and real notes and similar kind of things. It was something that could not resist the developers to put down their hard work irrespective of nearly 4 million downloads in no time.

To strengthen their point they further claimed that they uploaded the app again on 22nd November 2016. It was done for a short interval of time to prove that they have not got flagged or terminated rather it was their own decision to take it down completely. It is indeed a brave step and if everything is true then hats off to developers for such act.

Copy cats are still there on Play Store claiming to differentiate between original and fake currency notes. You can try them for fun but please beware, no app is made to distinguish between real and fake currency notes.

Seems like the trend is now somewhere stopped and we don't hear anything back from the developers. No one knows their plans actually. Are they going to come up with some other exciting app or will they not dive into such controversial niche now. It is completely their decision and we all should respect that. Till the time something new comes from their end, you can enjoy scanning the currency notes with other apps that are uploaded on Play Store in last few days. You can even use official PM Modi App to share your views regarding demonetization and other day to day happenings in India. We will soon update you if anything like this comes in future again.

Modi KeyNote App for Android Smartphone (PlayStore)

Android OS was the first platform where this app was released officially. When it was listed there, you could have found it easily by simple search.

Modi KeyNote App for Windows Smartphone

Coming to the Windows OS then it is not listed officially there. However in coming time if any such dummy or prank app comes that has fun part of scanning the note and then making some actions, we will surely update you here.

Modi KeyNote App for Apple iOS

For iPhone users, we have already covered a detailed guide on how to run scan check on Rs. 500, 2000 notes for Apple iPhone users (as this app is not listed on iOS App Store).

Check: Modi KeyNote App for iOS APp Store

If you check the Google Play Store now then you will find lots of similar apps with good number of downloads and users rating. Seems like many developers have en-cashed the popularity and stardom of original Modi Key Note App. For fun purpose, you can download those apps (like Modi Keynote Prank App, Modi Key Note Fun app etc) and can scan new currency notes through them. Please let us know if you are finding it hard to get details of newly added Modi app related apps on Play Store. We can help you with this stuff.

Do let us know if any doubts. Also share your experience whether you have ever got the chance to scan old/new currency notes with Keynote app or not.


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