Find ATM with Cash Near your Area Live Online

After putting the ban on old Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 notes, finding ATM with Cash nearby your area seems to be a pretty difficult task these days. Demonetization is India has compelled people seen several experiences of different kind. You might have yourself experienced the scenarios where you were standing in long-long ATM queues and by the time your turn comes, ATM went out of cash or some technical issue, glitch has arrived. As per a survey, about 70% of the people are returning empty hands from the nearby ATMs. Each of the user is looking out for the ways to find out which ATM nearby to their location has cash in it (if possible then they also wan to to check how long the queue is there and how much cash is left). Today we are living in a world where everything seems to be possible with the right use of technology, so can't we have a app that finds the ATM with Cash nearby and can update user about live queue status, crowd ATMs, best ATMs where cash is always there and other related things. Well here we bring you something that will find ATM near you with cash and will update you with live status of how long the queue is and for how long you might need to wait to get cash out of the ATM.

In recent time, many apps/websites has come up that claims about providing live feed about status of ATM with cash nearby you, but most of them are hoax and null only. They don't have anything calibrated to provide real time updates. We have found one working website/app that can update you with real time/live feed status of all ATMs that have cash and located nearby your area. is the official portal that can update you about all the ATMs in India i.e. whether they have some cash left or not.

ATMs Near Me With Cash: how to use to find ATMs with Cash

Follow below steps to find list of ATMs having cash live:
  1. Visit the official website of here
  2. You can download this app for Android and iOS platforms (links available on official portal)
  3. Once you visit the homepage, you will see below options there 
    cashnocash Website
    cashnocash Website
  4. Enter the Pin code in the box provided there and hit "Find Cash" button/option
  5. In case no ATMs are listed for your entered PIN code, you can try with other PIN codes around your area
  6. Once the search is completed you will get various options of all the ATMs having cash near to your locality as per the PIN code you entered in search box (check the screenshot for reference)
    List of ATMs with Cash Nearby
    List of ATMs with Cash Nearby
  7. You can view the list or can directly check them on map (with details about how far the particular ATM is and what will be the best route to reach there)
This is how you can find working ATMs around you that have cash.


cashnocash comes up with a live feed system that provides real time status of nearby ATM with details like if the cash is there or has it went dry in terms of cash, how long is the queue, how is the user experience so far there, how long queues are there in front of ATMs around your area etc

Do try it once and let us know your feedback. This service should be very helpful in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahemadabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Allahabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, Mysore etc

Most of the ATMs for now are dispensing money using Rs. 2000 note only. People are also searching for ATMs that dispense Rs. 100, Rs. 500 notes. We will soon update you with the details on how to find ATMs having Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 currency nearby your area. Stay tuned for live updates.

Google has also started the service that allowed people to search nearby ATMs that have the cash and were good in terms of crowd/rush across them. That service haven't received good feedback but if you want you can try that as well (I have tried that twice and it was bliss for both the times). It works something similar to the concept where you are able to check live traffic status (in terms of color) on Google Maps. It might not be accurate but can predict accurate results sometimes at least.

As the days are passing, ATM queues are getting smaller in size. With the new month start, we will obviously see some increment in crowd for obvious reasons but it should get settled somewhere during this very month itself. Discussions are going where RBI might revise maximum cash outflow limit from both ATMs as well as banks directly. We will make sure to update you with whatever RBI comes up with.

Please note that the above article is for people who are looking for ATM Near Me with Cash. It might not work for all and might be limited to selected areas only. We would like to hear it back from you whether it has worked correctly in your area or have given false results only. If you want you can yourself start a meaningful thread (as comments) suggesting "ATMs with cash nearby your area" so that people living around can visit and get quick cash from there.

Please let us know your experience with above app. Were you able to find out ATMs with cash nearby? If yes then please update us here so that fellow members can be aware about the authenticity of this ATM Finder application. We have tried it ourselves (for finding ATMs and updating the status back for ATMs that were having cash). It has worked about 70% times for us.

After Cash No Cash from Quickr, we have came across another platform that too provides the facility to check real time ATM status across the country. This service is from Status checking steps are similar to Cash No Cash app and you only need to enter details of area where you want to check the status. You will be provided with list of available ATMs nearby where cash can be found easily. Like the existing platform it too gives the option to update status of your nearby ATMs to help other citizens. As far as the authenticity is concerned then nothing is wrong in spending extra 4-5 minutes for checking status of nearby ATMs through one more app. We are yet to test this new utility. We will share the test results as soon as we get the chance to test it.

Please share your reviews.