Get Rs. 124 Free Recharge on downloading Scribd through Simkarma App

If you are a keen observer of Mobile Recharge offers then you might have already heard about Rs. 125 instant free recharge on downloading Scribd app through Simkarma. Simkarma is a mobile recharge application that can be used to recharge any smartphone/number in India. Here in this article we will be looking at one loot from Simkarma which can allow you to earn Rs. 121 cash directly to your Simkarma account. You can later use this amount for recharging any mobile number in India. There are not tips/tricks involved and it is a simple app download activity that will fill your account with Rs. 124 cash.

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Simkarma App
Simkarma App

How to get Rs. 124 added to Simkarma App by downloading Scribd

Follow below steps:

  1. First step if to install Simkarma app from here
  2. Once the app is downloaded, install it properly and do the initial sign up
  3. In the signup process, you will be asked simple details (your name, email, mobile number etc)
  4. fill in all the details and verify your email or mobile number through one time OTP. It is essential for activating the Simkarma account
  5. Once your Simkarma account is verified, open the app and head over to "Offer Wall" section
  6. You will find all active offers there (they will be listed with terms and conditions, recharge price, cashback etc details there)
  7. Search for Scribd App offer there
  8. Once found, download the Scribd app using the link provided to you through the application (i.e. download the app using Simkarma only)
  9. Check out for all the step and terms-conditions carefully
  10. Once the Scribd app is downloaded and installed properly, you will see Rs. 124 added to your account which can be en cashed as recharge amount for any other normal mobile number recharge in India 

One Tip Here: You will be asked to enter your debit card details while signing up for Simkarma. Rather than providing actual personal card details there you can use Virtual Debit card for time being (till the offer is activated on your account).

This is how you can earn Rs, 124 recharge on downloading Scribd applications using Simkarma.

About Simkarma

Simkarma is a fast and reliable way of adding mobile recharges to user's wallet. It comes with several lucrative and attractive offers which can be completed to get attractive deals, discount, cash back or direct cash for mobile recharge. It works in the mode "complete offers-->earn cash-->use that cash to recharge your mobile number). You can earn recharge money by inviting your friends as well. It claims to recharge mobile numbers within 10 seconds only. It offers several type of mobile recharges (almost all) that include top-ups, full talk time, sms pack, internet pack and many other in similar kind that can be redeemed instantly.

Simkarma Redeem Cash
Simkarma Redeem Cash

Do let us know how was your experience in downloading Scribd through Simkarma and getting Rs. 124 free recharge. There might be some rare cases where you won't see Scrbid offer activated in your account or activated but for less money. In such cases you will have to wait for the deal to become active again. Please update the comments section with your experience (whether you were able to grab this offer or was it not shown in your account). Any response from your end will help many others here.