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Jio is going to install nearly 45000 towers in coming 6 months. Towers will be installed all over India and selected location owners (where towers will be installed) can earn up to Rs. 35000-50,000 per month by renting their space to Jio towers. Here we will look at the procedure to apply for Reliance Jio Tower installation, Jio tower installation application form, contact details to setup Jio towers and other important facts. We will also be checking out the requirements to be fulfilled before applying to concerned authorities for Jio tower installation. First thing that you need to have is a free rooftop covering approx 500 square feet or a 4000 square feet free plot. More details are discussed in due course of this article.

Jio seems to be in mood not to leave anything behind when it comes about providing better services to the customers. They came up with the target of connecting more than 100 Million customers with Jio 4G network till 31st December 2016. If we observe the things from very starting then they are working hard towards realizing this dream. First of all they launched free of cost Jio 4G services that allowed users to test free of cost 4G internet, free calling and free SMS for 3 months. Now when only 1 month (approx) is left and 100 million target is appearing to be far away then they are thinking about extending the free period for 3 more months in form of Jio Welcome Offer 2. People were finding it hard to buy costly 4G smartphones to try out the Jio services. In order to solve this issue, authorities have decided to launch world's cheapest 4G smartphone Jio Lyf Easy for Rs. 1000-1500 only. It will be launched somewhere during January 2017. Now they are decided to install nearly 45000 strength booster towers across India that will help them attaining quality in terms of quality and high network efficiency. In short they are trying to fix all the glitches that are hurdles in their path of connecting 100 million users with Jio network.

Requirements for installing Jio Towers

Below requirements needed to be fulfilled before applying for the tower registration process:
  • Owner must have an empty rooftop or plot. Rooftop must be spread across area of 500 sq feet and plot dimension needs to be in range 200 sq feet. No other location can be considered for installation
  • He/she must be the real owner of the property
  • Jio network must be poor in that area i.e. it should be beneficial for the company in terms of expanding their reach to uncovered areas. If Ji signal is already good in respective area then there is no point of installing another tower there itself

How to apply for Reliance Jio Tower Installation on Rooftop or Plot

2 ways are there through which you can apply/register your details with Jio team. One is through 3rd party (trusted resource) and second is direct (through written communication/email to conecrned person about Jio tower installation in the company). We will discuss both the methods here.

Apply through 3rd party Indus Tower

Indus Tower is a trusted vendor when it comes to tower installations. They are providing same services to other competitors/telephone networks like Airtel. Working concept is simple, yu apply to them, they store your detail, whenever requirement comes from Jio side they send your application to concerned people. Follow below steps to apply to Jio tower installation through Indus Tower:

  1. Visit official page of Indus Tower from here. It will look like the one shown in image below 
    Indus Tower Portal for Jio Tower Installation
    Indus Tower Portal for Jio Tower Installation
  2. On scrolling down, you will get to fill the Jio Tower installation registration form (shown in below image) 
    Indus Tower Portal for Jio Tower Installation Registration Form
    Indus Tower Portal for Jio Tower Installation Registration Form
  3. Please fill in all the columns (Name, Property Type, Type of ownership, property category)
  4. Once the details are filled, hit the "Submit" button

Apply through direct Jio Website

Second method is a hit and trial method basically. In this method you will be applying through direct official website of Jio (through email outreach). Follow below steps to apply for tower installation through Jio website:

  • Visit official contact page of Jio network (you can visit from here). You will see below page 
    Jio Connect Page for Tower Installation
    Jio Connect Page for Tower Installation
  • Enter your email id, subject and message
  • Please use Subject box carefully. Write something meaningful there (like Jio Tower installation application, Application for Jio Tower installation and something similar. Your email must be clear with the subject itself)
  • Provide complete details about your location, type of area (plot or rooftop), existing Jio services there in the message box
  • Once everything is done, cross check it once and then hit the "Send" button
This is how you can apply for tower installation directly through the official Jio web portal.

Required Documents fo Jio Tower Application

Below is the list of documents that you need to attach with tower application form. These are mandatory documents that should be attached with the application request to get it approved successfully. Document set may change anytime and in that case we will update you with new list at the earliest. Below is the list:

  • Voter card or any other ID card of the land owner
  • Papers related to land/area where you want to install the tower
  • NOC from Civic body
  • Land Survey Report (if available)
You can check the requirement with officials anytime. You might get some relaxation (in terms of documents) also.

Jio Tower application form download, space required, Jio 4G tower terms and conditions are some queries that we are receiving on very frequent intervals now. You can visit official website to get details on application form download links, rent per month, online application, offline application and other relevant details.

What monthly rent property owner will be getting after installing Jio Towers?

Monthly enumeration varies as per the type of area and your plot condition. It may vary in range Rs. 25000-50,000. Once your property is approved by the Jio team, you can discuss about monthly rent with them. You will start getting rent after the installation is completed only.

People are asking questions like if there is any contact number/mobile number for jio tower application, I want to install Jio mobile tower on my land, contact details for Jio tower etc. Unfortunately company has not formed any specific department regarding tower installation yet. As soon as they form concerned department (in case they create one) then we will share the updated information here.

It is the best chance to rent out your empty rooftops or land for setting up Jio Towers. We have tried searching another way to ask concerned authorities related to Jio towers but it seems like above methods are the only way you can contact and setup Reliance Jio 4G towers on your property. In case you have connections with local Jio store members then you can try your luck through them. They will too have idea about how you can approach the Jio offices related to booster installation. Even in case you don;t have any contacts there you can still try asking them as they will help you with accurate details/steps (related to your area) that will help you renting out your area/property for Jio tower installation.

Let us know your questions/concerns if any.


Any registration fee for installation of tower?

Any registration fee for installation of tower?

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