Kavya Madhavan Dileep Wedding Live Telecast | Marriage Pics

Big news coming from Kochi where Malayalam movie actors Dileep and Kavya Madhvan got married in a very simple traditional function. Here in this article you will get complete infromation about Dileep and Kavya Marriage live including Kavya Dileep wedding photos, Dileep Kavya Madhavan Marriage live and many other things. Dileep married Kavya Madhvan in Hotel PGS Vendata at Kaloor in Kochi. Wedding video of Dileep Kavya have made it to the internet and both are looking fabulous in traditional clothes (we will share the pictures in this article itself). We will also be taking some part to discuss about Dileep daughter age, Kavya Madhavn first husband and many such untouched areas.

Kavya Madhvan Dileep Wedding Live Video Telecast

Couple tied knot at Kallor in Kerala. All the events were organized at 7th floor in Hotel PGS Vendata and in order to maintain privcy of the marriage, 6th floor of the same hotel was booked as an event for film pooja so that no one can even predict the live functions of Kavita and Dileep marriage going on at the 7th floor. It was around 9:45 AM 26th November 2016 when the couple exchanged garlands and put an end to almost a decade old relationship gossip. Marriage ceremony was broadcast live from the venue itself.

Around 300 very close friends and relatives were invited in the wedding. There were some personalities from Malyalam film industry who took part in the wedding functions and blessed the couple with good wishes. Movie stars like Suresh Kumar, Renjith, Salim Kumar, Meera Jasmine, Kamal etc were part of the celebrations.

Kavya Dileep Wedding Pics

Check out some of the pics coming directly from the marriage hall below:

Kavya Madhavan Dileep Wedding Pics
Kavya Madhavan Dileep Wedding Pics
Dileep Kavya and Meenakshi
Dileep Kavya and Meenakshi
Kavya Madhavan and Dileep after marriage
Kavya Madhavan and Dileep after marriage

Dileep and Kavya Madhavn Relationship | Love Story

To everyone's surprise, Kavya and Dileep had started their acting carrier as child artists from same movie Pookalam Varavayi which was directed by Kamal. From then they have worked in 21 films together. Their first solo movie as lead pair was Chandranudikkunna Dikkil by Lal Jose launched in 1999. Pinneyum is the last movie where this star couple has worked for the last time (we may see them working together in future again). Their first movie after marriage will be 2nd part of famous movie Runway directed by Joshiy.

Talking on the scenario, Dileep said he has faced many problems in life so he wanted to marry a girl with whom he can feel comfortable and can discuss any of his problems without a second thought. As per him he has/had discussion with his daughter, mother and brother. All three gave green signal so he went ahead and married Kavya.

Dileep Daughter Age and Kavya Madhvan First Husband

This is the second marriage for both the couple. Divya's first marriage took place in 2009 which didn't last for a complete year even. Kavya's first husband was a former actor now Kawait based NRI with whom here marriage was divorced within a year itself. Before Kavya, Dileep was married to Manju Warrier who was his co-star in 3 movies. He married her in 1998 and they were separated in January 2015.

Dileep daughter age will be in range 14-16 as she is a 10th standard student. When asked by media, she said that she is happy and she was among the ones who supported her father to go ahead for marriage with Kavya (she in fact forced them both to marry each other).