Modi KeyNote removed from Google Play Store, Best Alternatives

Modi Keynote App or also known as Modi Note, Modi Ki Note applications has now been removed from the official Google Play Store. People who don't know much about Modi Note app let we give a brief introduction here. This app developed as fun that was intended for prank/fun purpose only. It was build with an interface that uses device's camera to scan currency notes. Each time you scan new Rs. 2000 currency note it would start playing PM Modi's video on demonetization on the scanned note. As soon you move the camera focus away from the note, the video will stop and will resume as soon as you bring the note back in focus. It was probably measuring the dimensions of new note as it used to work with new currency notes only. In case someone tried scanning old currency notes of Rs. 100, 500, 1000 or whatever denomination then it did not show any video or something like.

Modi KeyNote App Removed from Google Play Store
Modi KeyNote App Removed from Google Play Store

Why Modi Keynote App is removed from Google PlayStore

Exact reason of app removal is not known yet however as per the rumors, "misleading content" might be the reason why it was removed from official store. App users might have treated it as a genuine currency checker app which was not true at all (written clearly in their disclaimer also). Whatever might be the reason, the end result is that Modi App is now removed from Google Play Store and is no longer available for download. We are yet to hear something from officials on their take on removal of application from the roots.

Right now there seems to be no way left out to download and install original Modi App anymore (until and unless developers upload it again which seems quite difficult now). There are some ways to try testing it out with apk's but we would not recommend that in any way as that may put your device in potential danger.

Modi KeyNote App to check Fake and Real Notes
Modi KeyNote App to check Fake and Real Notes

Best Alternatives to Modi KeyNote App that scan currency notes

Let we make one thing very clear, till date there is no currency detector app that can differentiate between original and fake currency notes. All such sort of apps are being developed as part of prank/fun only. These apps should not be taken seriously and their use must be limited to prank and fun purpose only. Coming to alternative part then you will find many other similar applications on Google Play Store now. In very short span of time many Modi KeyNote similar apps are listed on Play Store. Many floating apps have been published which shows videos or any other act (in some apps you will see different anime, famous Bollywood dialogues etc) on scanning new currency notes. Do check the Play Store once with terms like "currency checker apps", "fake-real note checking apps", "Rs. 2000 note checking app"etc and you will find huge number of results. Check out the description and use them accordingly.

We are making it very clear again that none of the app listed on Play Store or App store has the potential to scan currency notes and coming up with results whether it is fake or original. All this is a time pass and must be taken in a light mood.

Currency Checking/Scanning Apps for Apple users (iOS App Store)

Till now we haven't found any such application developed and uploaded on Apple iOS store. You can check our guide on how to test new notes scanning apps without having an Android device (let say you have Apple iPhone or some other device). You can check the guide from here:

Do let us know your opinions if it is a justified move to remove application from Play Store or it should be listed there again.