Register online for Captain Smart Connect Scheme here. You will get complete details about how to order and book Captain Smart Connect smartphone here. It seems like Punjab Government is on the tracks of UP Government Samajwadi Scheme (Akhilesh Kumar's Government) in terms of issuing free Android smartphone across state. Known as Captain Smart Connect, it is being launched as part of Capt. Smart Connect Scheme and hosts high end features that are required in one average Android smartphone. Here we will look at various aspects that will include technical specifications of Smart Connect phone, step by step guide on how to book and register for it online, status track, expected delivery/shipment dates, starting date-last date to apply, price and many more such things. People might be searching Captain Smart Connect Scheme smartphone on Flipkart so let we make very clear that it will be sold through direct resources and no such third party vendors like Flipkart or Amazon (Snapdeal etc) will be involved in entire process.

How to register and book Captain Smart Connect Smartphone

Follow below steps to order and register Captain Smart phone online:

  1. Visit official website at
  2. You will get below page there: 
    Captain Smart Connect Smartphone
    Captain Smart Connect Smartphone
  3. Scroll down a bit and reach out to registration box that will ask you to enter basic details like Candidate/Student Name, Father/Mother's name, DOB, Gender, Email, District etc 
    Captain Smart Connect Smartphone Registration Form
    Captain Smart Connect Smartphone Registration Form
  4. please fill in all details completed and hit the "Register Now" button once done
  5. As soon as you hit the register now button, an OTP will be generated and will be sent to your given mobile number. In the meantime you will be redirected to a new page where you will have to enter OTP received on the registered phone number.

  6. Your entry will be accepted only when the OTP verification is completed.
Captain Smart Connect Smartphone OTP Verification
Captain Smart Connect Smartphone OTP Verification

Once the OTP verification is completed, your entry will be registered and you will get brand new free Captain Smart Connect Android Smartphone whenever it will be shipped.

Motive of Captain Smart Connect Scheme

Main motives of launching Smart Connect scheme are:
  • Providing Punjab's youth an online channel where they can be connected with each other through high end smartphone and working internet connection.
  • Allow them to have interaction with other parts of the globe. They must be equipped with global knowledge basically
  • Providing root level information to required candidates so that they are empowered enough to explore more opportunities in entire state/country/world.

Eligibility for Captain Smart Connect Scheme

Individuals meeting the below mentioned qualities will only be allowed to register for Connect smartphone:
  • Must belong to Punjab (Punjab resident only)
  • Minimum educational qualification is 10th i.e. he.she should have passed metric examinations from a government recognized school
  • Age of the applicant/student must be between 18-35
  • Household income must be below that 6 lakhs per year

 Captain Smart Connect Scheme Smartphone Technical Specifications

It comes with below specs:
5 inches screen
720x1280 pixels resolution
Corning Gorilla Glass Protection
Android v6 Marshmallow OS
Processor, RAM
Quad Core CPU with 3 GB RAM
16 MP rear, 5 MP front facing
16 GB internal memory with 64 GB expandability option
Supported Networks
2G, 3G, 4G with dual SIM slots (micro and nano SIM slots)
Removable 3500 mAh battery
Unique Features
1 year free 3G data and calling

Captain Smart Connect Smartphone Specs
Captain Smart Connect Smartphone Specs

Important Dates

Here are important dates about this new smartphone:
Scheme Start Date
November 20th 2016
Scheme End Date
November 30th 2016
Capt Smart Connect Smartphone Scheme delivery start dates
Within 100 days of Capt. Winning the upcoming Punjab elections

Frequently Asked Questions for Capt Smart Connect Smartphone Scheme

Q. Eligibility for Smart Connect scheme and where to register?
A. Already explained above. He/she must be a 18-35 yrs aspirant of Punjab, must have 10th pass certificate with household income less than 6 lakh. We have already discussed the official website above where you can apply for Smart Connect smartphone through online channels.

Q. Is it necessary to register on official website?
A. Well, Yes! It is important to get registered on official website as once Captain forms the new government after upcoming elections (in case they wins it) then the will start the shipment to people who have officially enrolled their details on the official website.

Q. How and when will I receive my smartphone?
A. Government if chosen will release a press notification regarding how and when to claim for free smartphone. You will receive same notification on your registered email and smartphone also. Please carry receipt with code & ID proof to the delivery centers for beautification purpose. 

Q. Can I apply for multiple phones?
A. Simple answer is NO. You can receive OTPs up to 5 for separate registrations on same mobile number. It is allowed in cases when two or more family members/friends are eligible for the scheme but they have a sharing mobile phone. In such cases you can ask for separate OTP for separate registrations, however at the time of smartphone delivery you will have to produce ID proofs which should be unique in all manners.

Q. How many smartphones will be distributed under this scheme?
A. 50 lakh smartphones over a span of 5 years.

Q. I am 18 or more but have not passed 10th examination or my age is below 18 but have passed 10th examination. Will we get smartphone?
A. NO! In first case you will never be allowed to register for new smartphones unless and until you completes your metric examination. However in the latter cases you can apply for same smartphone after 1 year when you turns to 18.

Q. What if I receive faulty smartphone or how long is going to be the validity of the phone?
A. In case someone receives a faulty unit then they can replace it up to 1 year.  It comes with 1 year free warranty services.

Q. Can I get cash instead of smartphone?

Q. How to track Captain Smart Connect Smartphone Status and Shipment details
A. It can be done with help of registration number. Government should open the tracking channels later.

Q. I am leaving out of Punjab from several years now. Am I eligible for applying to Capt Smart Connect Scheme?
A. You need to have permanent residence in Punjab. Besides this you need to complete all other requirements that are mentioned above.

Q. How to open official website in Punjabi language?
A. On the top right corner at official portal, you will see a tab with tag Punjabi written. This button/widget can be used to change language of the website to Punjabi.

Captain Smart Connect Smartphone in Punjabi Language
Captain Smart Connect Smartphone in Punjabi Language
Check out below video to get details on step by step process on how to book, confirm and register for Captain Smart Connect Scheme:

Students in below districts can register for free smartphone with 1 GB 3G data and calling:

  • Amritsar 
  • Bathinda 
  • Faridkot 
  • Fatehgarh Sahib 
  • Ferozepur 
  • Gurdaspur 
  • Hoshiarpur 
  • Jalandhar 
  • Kapurthala 
  • Ludhiana 
  • Mansa 
  • Moga 
  • Muktsar 
  • Nawanshahr 
  • Patiala 
  • Rupnagar 
  • Sangrur 
  • Barnala
  • Mohali 
  • Tarn Taran
  • Pathankot
  • Fazilka

Do rush in as the closing date is approaching near. It is merely a 5 minute task but still depending upon the traffic volume and server load it might take longer than usual. Official website should not crash like the one we saw in case of Freedom 251. If you are facing any other error then we will try to fix that with our expertise. Please let us know if you need any other info on this smartphone scheme.

Captain Smart Connect Scheme Confirmation Mail
Captain Smart Connect Scheme Confirmation Mail

We have received few queries where people have asked about real specifications for smartphone that will be provided under Kaptan (Captain) Smart Connect Scheme. Kindly note that the specs that we have discussed above are extracted from official website only and should be genuine as per the official website. In case we find any discrepency or officials have something to say on specs then we will surely update this article with original specifications of Smart Connect scheme smartphone. It is going to be a large level scheme where Punjab Government will distribute around 50 lakh 4G smartphones in entire state (if they are elected to power). Few are seeing it as voting politics or clickbait only. Only time will tell whether it all will be a hoax only or will they complete their promise by distributing 50 lakh approx 4G smartphones for free in state (if elected in upcoming Punjab elections). Please stay tuned for latest updates.

UPDATE: 11/29/2016

Tomorrow will be the last date to apply online for Captain Smart Connect scheme in Punjab. As per Kaptan Amrinder Singh, they are going to complete all the formalities within first 100 days of formation of the cabinet. Let we remind you of similar scheme by SAD party who promised to provide free laptops to eligible applicants. This scheme existed in papers only and no steps towards realization were taken. We hope Captain Smart Connect will not become the part of papers only and some concrete actions will be taken towards its implementation.

If Indian National Congress comes into power in Punjab this time then it would be one of the most awaited step which every registered user would want to get completed at the earliest. Kaptan is going to provide 50 lakh 4G smartphones under Kaptaan Smartphone scheme and as per the latest reports, enough number of pieces are still avaialable (around 10 lacs have applied so far) so do hurry and register your entry for Smart Connect scheme under Captain Smart Connect scheme. Do let us know if any help required.

Last date to register for Capatin Smart Connect Extended to 10th Decemeber 2016

If you check the screenshots that we have posted earlier then you will find last date mentioned as 30th November 2016. At the time of launch of smart connect scheme, 30th November 2016 was decided as the last date. However if you check the official website today then you will get below details there (attaching screenshot for reference):

Captain Smart Connect Last dates extended till 10th December 2016
Captain Smart Connect Last dates extended till 10th December 2016

As per the official sources, the registration for Captain Smart Connect scheme will now be opened till 10th December 6:00 PM IST. As per several reports, many lakhs have already applied for free smartphone to be distributed under scheme but still it seems like they haven't crossed the 50 lakh limit yet. In order to avail the maximum benefit out of the scheme, officials might have extended the registration period for another 10 days.

In case you have any doubts or want to get answered to officials directly, then you can reach out through email: "CaptainSmartConnect@Gmail.Com" Seems like giving away such freebies is becoming the new election trend now. We have already seen Uttar Pradesh Government to come up with such initiative already and now AP Governemnt might also be thinking about launching such free smartphone scheme to the eligible students.

Punjab Congress don't want to leave any stone untouched for the upcoming poll season. They have now introduced another youth oriented scheme Har Ghar Captain that aims at providing 1 job per household. It will also focus at eradicating the use of various kinds of drug across the state. You can read complete details through the reference link.

In case you have any doubts or want to know anything else than what is mentioned here, you can ask us through comments or can directly get in touch with above official contact email id.

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