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World of War Craft is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is played across almost every part of the world. Talking about competitive market the The Elder Scrolls Online seems to be on somewhat similar lines with high quality content, graphics and quality. WoW is a challenging game that comes with wide game play, different gaming locations, various game plays, unique gaming levels and many more such awesome things. It comes with an exciting experience especially when you are at a certain level that is very hard to achieve using normal game plays. In order to make the things simpler and bit faster, Dugi has come up with a solution that we are going to review here.

Dugi Guides for WoW | Shall you buy it?

Back in year 2005, Dave Farrell also known as Dugi has started this entire things. He is a vivid gamer from childhood and loves creating guides, shortcuts, leveling guides that can help scaling the pace for any game. It was a single man show for sometime but with time Dugi guides started gaming fame and popularity so it somehow got converted into a team effort. We will discuss various things related to Dugi guides including its characteristics, addon, legion, installer etc that can help you decide whether it is the one that you need to go for regarding your WoW carreir or shall you be looking for something else.

Dugi Guides Features/Characteristics

It is one of the most advanced WoW leveling guide avaiable in market today. Below are some un parallel features that it comes with (Dugi guides comes in multiple packages, we are listing down features of all of them in a single list below):

  • Complete Level 1-110 Guides
  • It is compatible with all WoW characters, class and race
  • 90+ questing zones
  • Each zone is covered for Loremaster
  • Daily guides/quests for Reputation and Gold Farming
  • Support for high level gaming like complete Molten Front guide
  • Various tournaments for leveling guides
  • Best Gathering Route
  • Achievement points in range of 1000s
  • Automatic Profession Skill Level Detection
  • Guide to unlock special characters
  • Guide for earning thousands of achievement points
  • Unique Mounts earning guides

What makes Dugi Guides unique than others

100% Automated System

100% Automated System
100% Automated System

Almost everything in Dugi Guides is automated and you don't need to check everything manually each time, It comes with automatic step completion, quest tracking, and predictive task tracking.

Taxi System

Taxi System in Dugi WoW Guide
Taxi System in Dugi WoW Guide

Taxi system is a unique concept with Dugi guides. With taxi system, you will be able to find automated shortest routes and way points. It can be treated as GPS for World of Warcraft game play where you can find shortest and most effective routes within seconds. This system even have the capability to create a fully customized route depending upon your character build. With this system you can always be in safe hands in terms of suggestions like when to use hearthstone, Teleport spells, Flight master, Portals, Boats, Zeppelins etc.

Various Display Modes

Multiple Display Modes
Multiple Display Modes

When it comes to customization then nothing can beat Dugi world. It comes with 16 skins that are blended as per the all the UI and playing arenas. All the skins are created in a way to balance your UI performance which means your game play will not hamper in any way.

Gear Finder and Gear Advisor

Dugi Gear Finder
Dugi Gear Finder
With Gear finder you can gear up your skills at anytime in the entire gaming arena. It is a highly intellectual system that search through list of rewards and comes with best suggestions accordingly. Suggestions are very effective and you will never run out of suggestions at any time. It will even help you with finding upgrades for your characters (applicable for all the characters).

3D Model Viewer

Dugi 3D Modler View
Dugi 3D Modler View

It will help you with better visualization. With this feature you will be able to see exactly what you are looking for before even reaching there. Objects are clear and will be shown with proper description. With this feature you will be able to decide your strategies in a better way.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

With Dugi Guides, you will get 60 days money back guarantee. In case these guides do not work for you then you always have the option to get your money back by returning the original product.

These are some of the attractive features that pushes Dugi guides ahead of every other competitor. We have tried it our self and so far it is up to mark with whatever said above.

Check out the official video introduction:

Buy Dugi Guides Online

You can buy Dugi Guides using below link/banner:

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Do let us know if you need help with any other aspect related to Dugi Guides for World of Warcraft.

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