Rs 2000 INR Currency Note Details, Color, Images, Launch Date and More

As per some news reports (top Indian newspapers) Indians are soon going to have Rs. 2000 currency notes launched across the country. Today we have seen a tremendous growth in volume who were discussing about new Rs. 2000 INR note by sharing its pics, videos etc. Here we are going to share everything with you. It will include Rs. 2000 images, videos, samples, pattern, format, missing things, newly adopted changes and much more.

Rs. 2000 Currency Notes in India

As per various reports, Rs. 2000 will be launched next year sometime during Feb or March 2017. We have already seen a glimpse of how Rs. 2000 note will look like (through Twitter). Till now Rs 1000 is biggest currency note in country. But after launch, Rs. 2000 will become new trend and will replace existing 1K note. As far as the technology is concerned (or mainly tech world) then we might not see huge impact as things are mostly online here. However just for the curiosity factor, every geek would love to have a look of newly launched Rs. 2000 note.

Check out below video that shows some glimpse of Rs. 2000 note in India:

Images of Rs 2000 Note in India

Till now we have seen 4-5 different images of 2000 INR currency note in India. All shows note images from different angles. With all the angles we can get complete idea of what exactly the new Rs. 2000 note will look like. Check out below images (all images are taken from Twitter):

Rs. 2000 Note from RBI
Rs. 2000 Note from RBI
Rs. 2000 note different angles
Rs. 2000 note different angles

Rs. 2000 launch date in India

As per reports, Rs. 2000 currency note might be launched during February-March 2017 in India. No one has confirmed officially yet but from reports it seems to go this way only. We are keeping tight eye on when RBI will take time to launch biggest currency note in India history ever. We will update you here once RBI launched it officially.

Will new Rs. 2000 note have Mahatama Gandhi image/sticker?

Do have a careful look at all the Rs 2000 currency not pics. Are you able to see Mahatama Gandhi's picture in any single spot? Frankly speaking then unfortunately I am not able to see any such image and I am sure you too. Pattern wise it do have Gandhi Chashma (spectacles of Gandhi Ji) which is now adopted as official logo of Bharat Sawachh Abhiyaan. Except this we are able to see color of note which is pink with nice blend of white.

As Mahatama Gandhi's pics are not seen over any of the note so it somewhere points something fishy in entire process. Do watch it out carefully friends and let us know your thoughts about validness of Rs. 2000 note that is going to enter Indian market very soon.

In case you have some more reference about 2K INR RBI note then do let us know through comments.

UPDATE: 11/8/2016

Indian Government banned old Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 Notes

In a public addressing, current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared all the old Rs. 500, 1000 notes to be illegal from 8th November 2016 midnight. RBI will give sometime for claiming genuine old notes through nearest bank and post offices. In case you are looking for the details on how you can replace old notes with new then read out our article:

Replace old Rs. 500-1000 notes in Banks and Post Offices

In coming days, people might face issues with hard cash so it is advised to use virtual currency wherever possible. There will be restrictions in ATM withdrawal limit, exchange amount that can be asked from banks in exchange of old currency notes etc (you can get complete details in article mentioned above). All in all it might appear to be a tough call for Indian citizens but it might curb black money in big measure. As per official figures, it is going to target black money in real terms and more than 1 lakh crore can be recovered by making existing notes illegal.

In financial terms, this process is known as demonetization and is used in cases when Government needs to destroy existing black money from the market.

Demonetization Meaning
Demonetization Meaning

New Rs. 500, Rs. 2000 INR note Photos (Mahatama Gandhi series of bank notes)

With the official statement that went live yesterday (regarding termination of old Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 denominations from financial system), probably no one now is accepting old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. People are facing issues and as per the sources this hassle may continue for few more days as well. Below are some more real photos of how the new Rs. 500 and Rs. 200 notes will look like. In previous notes (uploaded above) there was a strap in between of the note so we were not able to have a glimpse of the entire note properly. However below are real pictures of new notes that will be released on 10th November 2016.

New Rs. 500 Note
New Rs. 500 Note
New Rs. 2000 Note
New Rs. 2000 Note

Color of newly launched Rs. 500 note will be grey whereas new Rs. 2000 note will come in pink color format. Newly launched note series will be called Mahatama Gandhi series of bank notes and will showcase images of Mahatama Gandhi along with the addition of Delhi's Red Fort.

We will keep sharing more details (live updates) so keep visiting.

Do let us know your comments on same.

Rs. 2000 Note from RBI
Rs. 2000 Note
Rs. 2000 INR Note
Images of Rs. 2000 note
Rs. 2000 Pics
Mahatama Gandhi Pics in Rs. 2000 note
Rs. 2000 INR Note Color

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Still , there is Hope

Someone is supposed to have said :
" A Government can only prevent BAD things from happening : it cannot make GOOD things to happen "
But , NDA government is proving that someone wrong !
Under its DIGITAL INDIA initiative , just look at all these WONDERFUL / GOOD things that are actually happening :
* Aadhar based Unique Identification
* Jan Dhan Bank Accounts needing ZERO deposits
* UPI ( Unified Payment Interface ) / RuPay
* Digital Locker
* Unified Mobile App for New Age Governance
And a host of other initiatives that will change the boundaries of our ECONOMY in next 2 years
But the greatest CHALLENGE continues to evade the WILL of the POLICY MAKERS , viz:
" How to permanently eliminate CORRUPTION and BLACK MONEY ? "
Despite the fact that , there is a ,
SIMPLE / SUPER-FAST / SURE and CHEAP solution , " hiding in plain sight " !
Viz :
Replace existing Rs 500 / 1000 , paper Currency Notes with new / plastic currency notes , embedded with RFID micro - sensors ( one fiftieth the thickness of a human hair ) , announcing their presence to IT / ED , if concentration exceeds Rs 1 crore in any ONE square meter area , anywhere in India !

Question :
Is there a POLITICAL WILL to implement this ?
{ Short Answer : NO / Long Answer : Ask Shri Narendra Modiji }
And if anyone has ANY DOUBT as to the feasibility / practicality of my suggestion , let him read following news report which appeared in Economic Times ( Nov 6-12 / 2016 ) :
Arrow is first off the block with a " Smart Apparel in India " - simply called the Smart Shirt
Available in multiple colors , the shirt has a programmable NFC tag embedded in the left sleeve cuff
You download the free Arrow Smart Shirt app from Google Play on your phone and set up your profile
The initial set up requires you to connect your social media accounts , choose your favorite app , song and playlist
You can then use the app to configure the NFC tag on the shirt to perform a function - it could be to share your Contact Card , switch your phone to vibrate mode , start playing your favorite song or launch an app - you can re-programme the tag as and when you want to perform a different function
Just tap on the left sleeve and you are notified with a slight vibration when the NFC tag is configured as well as when it performs the preset function
Over time , we found it easier to tap on the shirt than unlock the phone and then navigate the menu to perform various functions
Granted , it's a very basic application of smart functionality , but it does help in making some routine tasks faster

This frugal application of embedding a NFC tag ( basically , a RFID sensor ) in a washable cloth shirt ( selling for Rs 3,000 ) , might earn Arvind Group , a few hundred crores of rupees in next 5 years
Apparently , even that small amount of revenue , is a big enough deal for a Private Sector company to innovate / experiment
But , if my suggestion is implemented , that might bring into the productive ECONOMIC MAIN STREAM , Rs 50 lakh*crores worth of BLACK MONEY , within ONE YEAR !
Cost of RFID sensor ? 10 paise per piece of that plastic Currency Note !
Implementation time ? 6 months from the word " GO " !
400 + seats for BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha Election !
I am still hoping that Shri Modiji will seize this OPPORTUNITY of a NATION's LIFE TIME !
07 Nov 2016 / blogs