Watch Dhruva Trailer, Story, Images, Star cast and Box Office Collections

Dhruva IPS trailer is launched by the makers ending the long wait finally. Dhruva IPS is going to be the upcoming Tamil movie of super star Ram Charan. Directed by Surender Reddy and produced by Allu Arvind, we are going to some power packed actions and amazing cinematography in this upcoming venture. Ram Charan has seems to cross all the boundaries in terms of fitness, He has never looked so rouged and fit in any of his earlier movies. He has worked very hard on his physique and it is apparent from the very first scene in the trailer itself. Here you will get to watch complete trailer of Dhruva IPS movie which features Rakul Preet Singh as lead actress. Arvind Swamy, Nassar, Sayaji Shinde, Navdeep will also be seen playing their roles in this entertainment blast.

Dhruva Trailer YouTube

Trailer of Dhruva movie is uploaded on YouTube channel. You can have a look at the trailer video below:

It is a 1:57 minute long trailer clip that shows the work, dedication put by the entire team behind upcoming Telugu movie Dhruva IPS.

People have huge hopes from Dhruva when it comes to story. star cast and performance. From the trailer it seems like there are very less chances of people getting disappointed with any of the crucial factor (story and performance mainly).

Dhruva IPS Story and Star Cast

It is going to be the remake of popular Tamil Movie Thani Orivan which was launched in 2015 last year. It will have Ram Charan playing the role of Policeman (cop) and Rakul Preet Singh as his lover. This movie will have everything in terms of drama, romance, fight and suspense. Few other people will also be there who will play other roles in the movie. From the 2 minute trailer (approx) it is evident that action is going to dominant other verticals in the movie. It will have nice action shoots/clips filmed with perfection. Ram Charan has worked hard this time and it is apparent from each shot of the trailer. He is looking fantastic with all the action scenes. In the trailer Ram Charan seems to be a focused, honest cop who is willing to serve nation with all the strength. Rakul on the other hand seems to be a time freak normal girl who will come into Ram Charan's life. Will Ram Charan fall for Rakul's (Ishita in this movie) love or will he continue with the same mindset and focus.

Dhruva Movie Poster
Dhruva Movie Poster

There is one dialogue in the trailer which says "Love doesn't suit me. I am all different with my mindset and focus." It will be interesting to watch how such cop will fall in love for a normal girls and how the things will proceed after that.\

Dhruva Release Date and Expected Box Office Collections

Dhruva movie is all set to release on 9th December 2016. It is going to be a large scale movie on terms of box office numbers. As far as the box office collections is concerned then it must mint good numbers in entire timelines. As per expertise, it will show good occupancy in both multiplexes as well as single screen theaters. Please stay tuned with us, we will share and update the box office collections of Dhruva IPS Movie after its release.

Dhruva has taken a rocking start in USA. It has managed to collect whopping sum of Rs. 1.51 Cr on first day. It would now be interesting to see how the flow will go in first weekend and coming days in and out of the country.

From the trends that Dhruva has shown on the first day, everyone is sure about bright days coming days ahead in terms of string box office collections for Dhruva movie. We will keep you updated about same in coming days as well.

Dhruva is doing exceptionally well in USA market. It has entered its name in elite list of movies that have crossed 1 Million USD gross collection so far.  So Dhruva hs done it finally and now they are a part of Million Dollar Club in USA. Till now they have earned $1,013,270 revenue in US which sums to around 6.84 Cr in Indian currency. Kudos to entire team.