Bihar Government Offers Free Wi-Fi in 300 Colleges, 9 Universities: Facts and List of Institiutes

Bihar Government has a plan to provide free access to various Colleges and Universities around the state. Here in this article, we will be sharing complete details about this upcoming project from Bihar Government, including list of colleges/universities where you will get free wifi internet, all the limitations, data utilization cap, speed caps, blocked sites and other relevant things. Seems like state governments are taking "digital" world bit seriously. In last few days (weeks we must say), we have seen many state level smartphone/internet schemes. It all started when Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh decided to provide free smartphones to eligible students if they wins the upcoming election.

Similar kind of scheme was then launched by Congress party in Punjab. Scheme was called Captain Smart Connect and like Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana, eligible students will be given smartphones if Congress party wins the upcoming Punjab elections. Following the trend, Andhra Pradesh too joined the race with AP Free Smartphone Scheme (much is not know about this scheme yet, we will share more details as soon they are available). Goa Government came with bit different scheme "Gova Yuva Samwad" and as part of this scheme they offered free calls and internet to all the eligible users (you can get details in referenced article) across the state. After all this, its time for Bihar Government to come up with free wifi scheme.

Free Wi-Fi Scheme in Bihar Colleges and Universities

You might be surprised to know but Bihar holds the world's record in having the longest free wifi zone stretched over approx 20 Kms. After extracting the report on type of use for longest Wi-Fi stretch of world, Government was shocked as it was not that much used for accessing useful resources. Seems like Government has learned the lesson this time. In the latest scheme where they will now be covering various colleges and universities, they are going to put restrictions on the kind of websites/content that can be accessed over free internet.

As per the plan, over 300 Colleges and 9 universities will be covered under upcoming scheme. All this will be covered by February 2017. In terms of speed, Government has decided to limit it to 10 Mbps connection for each University and College (except IITs where speed cap is 20 mpbs). By limiting speed to 10 Mbps, Limiting the internet in terms of speed will help in evenly distribution which should ensure better and even coverage throughout the state.

Free WiFi in Bihar
Free WiFi in Bihar

On one side where Government is talking about blocking particular kind of websites, they have nothing to say about websites/services like Netflix, Voot, Hotstar etc. These websites can very well be used for accessing online movies, TV serials etc. It would be interesting to see if Government can come up with some sort of amendment to restrict these websites as well.

How to access and apply for Free WiFi Service by Bihar Government

Fortunately you won;t need to do much at this part. Your college/university will be responsible for getting their ports paired up with free internet services from Government end.We will soon share the list of colleges and universities that will be provided free internet access under this scheme. Once your institute is connected with free WiFi ports, you will be able to connect to free network shared by your respective college or university. Connection steps will be simple and same as any other normal connection (ask for the connection, enter password/credentials and that's it).

Please stay tuned for latest updates.