Businessman 2 Telugu Movie Star Cast,Trailer, Story, Review, Release Date and Box Office Collections

Businessman 2 is going to be the upcoming movie of Mahesh Babu that is expected to be released very soon. Here in this article you will get complete information about Businessman 2 movie including its release date, story, reviews, story, songs, trailer (video) and box office collections. Like the first Businessman movie that was released back in year 2012, part II is too expected to become a sensation by breaking all previous records. In the first part we have seen Mahesh Babu and Kajal Agarwal as leading pairs directed by Puri Jagannadh. Will BM2 too cast the same actors/actress as first part? Will it be directed by Puri Jagannadh again? You will get answers to all such queries in the due course of this article.

One thing that is sure about Businessman 2 is its hype. Like first part it is too going to be the most talked and discussed Telugu Movies of all times. Mahesh Babu is a big name in Telugu movie industry and when he is directed by a sharp and intelligent director like Puri then it becomes a treat for audience. This combo is all set to rock Telugu cinema industry with Business movie again.

Businessman 2 Telugu Movie Star Cast and Story

As we said earlier we might see the same star cast in second part of the Businessman. Mahesh Babu is going to be there for sure (in case if someone else play the leading role then we will update you here itself). We are not confident whether Kajal is going to be there as leading actress or we are going to see some new face (again, we will update you). Below is the star cast of Businessman 2 movie. It is just an expected list and might be completely different than actual one. We will keep it updated from time to time for making it relevant.
Lead Actor
Mahesh Babu
Lead Actress
Kajal Agarwal (will update if new face is introduced)
Puri Jagannadh
Puri Jagannadh
Approx 500 million
Box Office Collections
Let we make this thing very clear that it is just an anticipated list and actual star caste may be different. We will keep updating this list from time to time (whenever some confirmation comes about the stars of Businessman 2 movie).

As far as the story of Businessman 2 movie is concerned then we might see similar kind of story this time as well (don't worry it will be stuffed with elements that won't let you get bored anytime). Mahesh Babu will play the leading role, having his life impacted by a major incident that will act like the game changer for him. Will share more insights on story part soon. You can share your own version of story in terms of comments below (if you have).

Puri has already expressed his intentions to make Businessman 2 with Mahesh Babu again. It is surprising to see why makers have still not confirmed anything concrete about remake of such hit movie. As of now Puri is busy with remake of another hit movie Idiots that came in year 2002.

Businessman 2 Trailer, Posters, Songs and Release Date

We will share all media related stuff at the time of launch (either through social sites like Facebook, Twitter or through YouTube). Like first part, songs are going to be bliss for music lovers. We can expect it to be bundled with 1-2 catching songs having sound lyrics to become viral. We will share more details soon.

Businessman Poster (2012)
Businessman Poster (2012)
 As far as the release date is concerned then lie you we are too hoping for the as earliest date as possible. It will all depend on schedule of Mahesh, Puri and other key elements in the movie.

Businessman 2 Movie Reviews and Box Office Collection

Without any doubt, it is going to receive good reviews from both critiques as well as audience. Stardom of actor like Mahesh Babu will be the key factor that is expected to drive business for first few days that will be later accompanied by good word of mouth from audience and critiques.

Below is the box office collection chart for Business man 2 movie:
Collection (in INR)
Please keep checking for refreshed collections (once they are announced). We all are waiting for the time when Businessman 2 Telugu movie will be released. Hopefully we will get the answer very soon.