Dowanlod UC News App and win Rs. 5000 Sign Up Referral Bonus

UC News App has started one of the biggest referral offer these days. As per the latest offer from UC News App, you can earn up to Rs. 5000 on your successful on your successful referral. Here in this article we will be guiding you with step by step details about how to download/install UC News App, Claim your Rs. 5000 referral bonus and how to get it credited to bank account. Bank transfer is one of the best part that you are getting with UC News offer.

This offer is all about signing up first and then referring your friends (through valid referral link) to signup for the same. Each time someone joins through your link, you will get random reward points and as soon as it crosses/reaches 5000 mark, you can transfer Rs. 5000 directly to your bank account. Referral reward is based on random algorithm and each time referrer will be getting random sum (ranging from Rs. 1-5000).

UC News Rs. 5000 Signup Offer
UC News Rs. 5000 Signup Offer

How to get Rs. 5000 Referral Bonus from UC News App

First part if about register ting yourself with UC News App. Once your are registered, you need to generate and share referral links with your friends. Follow below guide to install, download and refer your UC News link with your friends:

  • Go to Play Store and search for UC News app
  • Download and install it like any other simple app (please let us know if you have any issues with finding the app on Play Store or downloading it)
  • Once the installation is completed, head over to the "Recommend" tab
  • There you will get the option "CollectXI"
  • Use this button/tab to get the signup bonus. Signup bonus will be random and will range from Rs. 1 to Rs. 5000. In rare case if you get straight Rs. 5000 sign up bonus then you can head over directly to withdraw section
  • Generate your own referral code and ask your friends to join through your referral link. Each time someone joins through your referral link, you will get some free credits to your accont. It will vary from Rs. 1-2500

How to redeem Rs. 500 UC News Credits/Points to Bank Account

You are eligible for bank withdraw after reaching 5000 points threshold. Follow below procedure to redeem your credits directly to any bank account in India.

  • Visit the Claim.Reward section (please visit only once the 5000 credits threshold is completed)
  •  If you are eligible and have at least 5000 credits, you will get the Withdraw option there
  • Enter your bank details (account number, IFSC code etc)
  • Money will be now credited to your bank account (detials that you mentioned in above step)
  • You will have to claim your withdrawal before 31st December 2016
This is all about how to get Rs. 5000 bank balance using UC News App. As far as the application is concerned then it is a news app that will keep you updated with global news around the entire world. Please let us know if you are stuck with any step.