Download and Use BHIM Aadhar Payment App (for Merchants and Users)

BHIM Aadhar Payment App utilizes your UIDAI Aadhar Card details to pay through digital ways. With help of Aadhar based Payment App, users can now pay without internet connection, without mobile phone and without help of any debit/credit or similar kind of card even. Here you will get details on how to download Aadhar Payment App, how to install it, how to register with UIDAI based payment application, how it works and finally how to pay using Aadhar Payment App. With this new application, people will get the relief from all sort of digital cards (plastic money basically) payments and point of sale machines even.

It all is the effect of demonetization that has recently happened all across India. Till now we have seen several apps like Modi Key Note (a prank app to scan new currency notes for detecting its authenticity) which have tried to exploit the demonetization wave. It will be a big move to introduce Aadhar based payment systems that can be used without digital cards and mobile numbers even. If everything goes as planned then we are going to experience a radical change in the entire "demonetization after effects" journey so far.

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BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money and is a new way of money transfer in India. As per PM Narendra Modi, it is going to create wonders in coming weeks/months. It is currently in testing phase which shall be completed in coming 2 weeks. So we may see BHIM App live in action in next 2 weeks (i.e. early January 2017). It is going to change the way digital payments are processed currently. Only thing buyer will need is his/her thumb impression, aadhar number and bank account linked to it. With simple thumb impression, you will be able to pay for anything. BHIM App has been officially launched with great promises and future scope. If everything goes as planned then it is going to be next big thing in India.

Aadhar Payment App
Aadhar Payment App

Download and Install BHIM Aadhar Payment Application

Aadhar based government app will be launched on 25th December 2016. It will be launched in form of Android App (might be ported later to other stores for Apple/iOS and Windows users). This app is going to benefit both merchants as well as the en customers/users. Merchants can now be saved from additional fee that every Mastercard/Visa or any plastic card service company use to charge (typically between 2-3%). With new aadhar card number based application, no additional processing fee will be charged from the merchants.

Please follow below steps to download and install Aadhar Payment App on your smartphone:
  • Visit Google Play Store and search for Aadhar Payment App (links will be updated on 25th December after the official launch of the application)
  • Agree to all the terms and conditions (will be minimal in size so no heavy processor is required)
  • Hit the "Download" button
  • Wait till the application is downloaded
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install it like any other usual app
This is how you can download and install new UIDAI Payment App on your smartphone.

How to download BHIM Aadhar Payment App as Merchants and install Biometric Reader

All merchants who want to use Aadhar Based Payment app for handling day to day transactions will first have to integrate their smartphone (on which they want to install the app) with a biometric reader. Biometric reader is currently available for price of Rs. 2000/- Merchant will integrate their own Aadhar Card (UIDAI Number basically) and bank account details with the application. Steps can be summed up as below:
  • Download the Aadhar payment app
  • Integrate it with biometric machine installed on your booth (shop/store etc). For integrating biometric payment machine with the app you will need to enter required details of the machine in download payment application.
  • You might be asked to enter your bank account details where you want all the transactions to be credited to
  • Setup all the things and you are ready to go!
This is all that will be required from Merchant's end for new payment application solution. If anything comes, we will make sure to add that here.

How to pay using BHIM Aadhar Payment App | For users

Paying through new adhar card payment app is easier and simpler than ever. You don't need a working internet connection, smartphone, credit/debit card or anything like that for paying through this new app. Only thing you need to do is to enter your UIDAI Aadhar Card Number, choose your bank account and then scan your finger across the biometric sensor (same finger that you have scanned during the time of Aadhar card application).

Below are the steps to use Aadhar Payment Application from users point of view:

  • Enter your UIDAI Aadhar Card Number
  • Select your bank (like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank, Yes Bank etc)
  • Scan your finger across the biometric sensor. Finger scan will work as your password and the amount will be deducted from respective bank that you have integrated with UIDAI application

Aadhar Pay: Pay Online using Aadhar Card Details

Aadhar Pay is the name given to this new UIDAI based payment app. It will work through biometric point of sale machines that are currently available for Rs. 2000 across the country. Talking about stats then nearly 5 crore merchants will be there for Aadhar Pay. However only 15 lacs machines/terminals are installed as of now. This new app will eliminate the needs of carrying plastic cards (debit/credit etc) or remembering online banking passwords anymore.

Aadhar Logo
Aadhar Logo

One thing that should be taken care is bank account that is linked to Aadhar system. It should be correct and must be in fully functional mode. As per the official figures, approx 40 Crore UIDAI accounts are linked to bank accounts now. Rest accounts will be integrated by March 2017.
About Aadhaar Pay App

This application is developed by IDFC bank in corporation with UIDAI and National Payments Corporation of India. It will be launched on 25th December 2016 and will set new verticals of digital money across the Country. It is definitely going to be bliss for all shopkeepers and buyers across the country.

As per the reports, around 15 lakh terminals are currently setup across nation for use of new UIDAI based payment solution. State Bank of India (SBI) has alone installed over 3 lakh terminals at various identified locations. List if followed by other big names like HDFC and ICICI Banks. If Government wants to promote the use of digital cash then it is the right time and correct platform where they need to put in all their efforts. We are expecting to see huge increase in number of payment terminals set across country. Increase in point of sale terminals will surely help the Government to realize their dreams of making country a better place in terms of digital cash/transactions.

PM Narendra Modi is also emphasizing on the importance of cashless economy and digital transactions. On the occasion of Christmas, he has launched several schemes to promote use of cashless economy across the country. 15000 lucky customers will be rewarded Rs. 1000 cash for next 100 days (will rectify figures if wrong). Digi Dhan scheme is launched to promote use of digital transaction among shopkeepers/merchants.

Known as Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana, both the schemes motivates consumers and sellers to adopt cashless ways of transaction. Prizes are huge and will be announced on daily/weekly and mega bumper basis. You can get complete details from here: LGY and DDV Yojana/Scheme Details Prizes up to Rs. 1 Crore will be distributed on 14th April 2017. Check out and let us know.

Stay tuned for live updates.