Download Aptoide Installer, APK for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Windows

Aptoide is an important application that comes as alternative to download any Android application on your smartphone. Here in this article we are going to discuss in detail about basics of Aptoide and some useful applications that you can download and install through it. Basics will include:
  • Aptoide Installer
  • Aptoide for ios
  • Aptoid apk
  • Aptoide for Android
  • Aptoide lite
  • Aptoide for PC
and in useful applications part, we will cover below verticals:
  • Aptoide minecraft
  • Aptoide showbox
  • aptoide pokemon go
With all this, we will sum up our article and will keep it updated whenever we have something useful to say.

Aptoide Basics: Installer for Android, iOS, PC, APK and Lite Version

Whenever you launches Aptoide, you will get across an interactive screen that will show best picks from the editors. These picks will be in term of games and application (they will cover all kind of applications and games). You can search for your favorite application anytime and can accept deny regular updates that the application team comes with. On paying the registration fee i.e. by using paid Aptoide version you can even create your virtual shop to list and sell personal Android applications.

Aptoide Installer

Aptoide installed talks all about how to install and use aptoide application on any smartphone. Installer for this app is similar to any other usual app. You can install Aptoide on your smartphone by following below steps:

  • Visit the Aptoide installer page from here
  • It will look like below image 
    Aptoide Installer Page
    Aptoide Installer Page
  • Select the "Install Free Now" option available on the screen
  • Give it some seconds to prepare the installation package. Once done, you will be able to download aptoide like any other normal app.
This is how you can install aptoide on your smartphone, Once downloaded and installed properly, create your aptoide account and start exploring the unknown world.

Aptoide for Android
    Aptoide app can be considered as the alternate to traditional Google Play Store. It is originally developed for operating on Android devices only. You can use above reference link to download aptoid for Android smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. No special instructions or manual is required.

    Give it a try and let us know if you are facing any issues with downloading or installing part.

    Aptoid for iOS

    How can we leave Applie iPhone users behind. As we discussed above, it is developed especially for Android users only. So unfortunately you won't be able to try aptoide for ios. But in case you want to taste the experience that aptoide brings to any Android or PC user, you can try application tweak from Cydia. There you will get many similar apps (even better) that can turn out to be the alternate of Apple App Store.

    Aptoide for PC

    In order to download aptoide on PC, you will have to use third party simulators. BlueStacks is usually the first name when it comes about installing Android applications on computers and PCs. You can download and install aptoide on any PC using BlueStacks software. Follow below instructions:

    • Download and install BlueStacks on your computer
    • Open it and visit the search bar
    • Enter "Apetoide" in the search box
    • Download and install the apetoide app
    This is how you can install it on personal computers.

    Aptoide Lite

    Aptoide lite as the name suggests is the lighter version of original application and is suitable for low end devices. It can be downloaded and installed on 2G and weak networks even. As per officials, aptoide lite is the fastest app store in the world. It is 0.5 MB in size and consumes 73% less bandwidth than the original app. No storage is needed for Aptoide lite which makes it an unique and very useful app. Follow below instructions to download and install lite version of this app store to your phone:
    • Visit the download page from this link
    • You will land up on a page similar to what is shown in below image
      Aptoide Lite Installer
      Aptoide Lite Installer
    • Hit the "Try Aptoide Lite" option
    • You need to make sure that you have enabled the settings to install third party sources on your smartphone. You can follow the instructions shown in below image to enable the same:
      Steps to enable 3rd party installation on smartphone
      Steps to enable 3rd party installation on smartphone
    This is how you can install lighter version of original application on your smartphone.

    Aptoide APK

    APK can help you with easy and customized installation of the application. You can download and install the official apk from the official portal itself (links already discussed above). Let us know if any queries.

    Famous Aptoide Applications: Minecraft, ShowBox, PokemonGo

    Above we have discussed all basic things that you can do with this wonderful application. Now in the due course of this article, we are going to talk about famous applications that you can download with this powerful app manager. It can be used to download all kind of applications, games but here we will be discussing some of the famous apps only. Installation par is similar to any usual process.

    Aptoide Minecraft

    Minecraft Pocket Edition is available on Aptoide store, It is 59.62 MB in size and has collected 4.5 average rating from 42917 total responses (at the time when this article was written). You can use all promo codes and trial offers with Apteoide Minecarft version that you will be using on the app through Play Store.
    Aptoide Minecraft
    Aptoide Minecraft
    Minecraft is an awesome game that lets you build your creativity in terms of various designs. With Minecraft you can build anything starting from a simple hut and heading toward grandest of castles.

    Aptoide ShowBox

    Showbox is a very popular name in entertainment world. It is popular across globe and currently have millions of active users. With ShowBox you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, sports games, cooking shows and literally anything anytime anywhere. Aptoide gives you the platform to download and install ShowBox on your Android smartphone, IOS Apple iPhone, PC or Max or any other smart device.
    Aptoide Showbox
    Aptoide Showbox
    It is 38.83 MB in size and has managed to get 4.2 average rating from 197 feedbacks (at the time of writing this article).

    Aptoide Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go is another app that has gained enormous number of popularity in almost no time. It is based on the popular TV series Pokemon that gives you the option to play as a Pokemon trainer (it was the dream of every child who is born in 90's). You can accumulate more and more number of Pokemons to your repository, can compete against various other trainers (gym, normal).

    Aptoide Pokemon Go
    Aptoide Pokemon Go
    It is 90.12 MB in size and has 4.4 average rating out of 7306 total reviews (at the time of writing this article).

    This is all about Aptoide, including its basics and some of the very famous games/applications. You can use it for downloading all popular apps like Temple Run, Angry Birds, Asphalt, Need For Speed etc. Do let us know your views and queries if any.