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BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money and is a fast and reliable way of cashless payment through use of mobile phones. Talking about present Indian economy then we are experiencing a shift from traditional hard cash environment to complete cashless equation/word. BHIM App will help realizing the dream of cashless economy in India. BHIM will work in corporation with Unified Payment Interface (UPI) to serve transaction related needs of individuals.

Here in this article, we will be discussing in detail about BHIM App for Android Smartphones, PC, iPhone, Windows, Linux systems. You will be getting direct live download links, sites for BHIM App and all other relevant information. If you follow our site regularly then we  already shared some reports about Government working on Aadhar based cashless payment app. Earlier it was given Aadhar Pay name but now it is officially launched with BHIM tag.

Steps to download BHIM App from Android Play Store, iPhone, PC, Windows

Follow below steps to download BHIM App to your smartphone:

  1. Download BHIM App using this link
  2. Complete the onscreen installation instructions
  3. Register your bank account with BHIM App
  4. Setup a UPI Pin
  5. Your mobile number will work like your UPI payment address (PA)
  6. Once the UPI account is setup properly, you can start using BHIM application for day to day transactions
This is how you can download and install BHIM Application on any of the smart device (both smartphones as well as computers/pc/laptops).

Send and Receive Money through BHIM App
Send and Receive Money through BHIM App

How to send and receive money through BHIM App

Sending and receiving money through Bharat Interface for Money is as simple as anything. With this app you can send and receive money from friends, family and customers through a mobile number or payment address (which will be your mobile number in this case). In case you want to send money across non-UPI customers, then you will need other bank details like IFSC and MMID codes.

Below is explained, how to send or receive money using newly launched BHIM app:

  • Create your UPI account on BHIM App (no need to create new account if you have an UPI account already)
  • Set up UPI PIN and Virtual Payment Address
  • Go to "Send/Receive" tab
  • In case of cash transfer, enter recipient payment address (in case he/she have UPI account) or else enter his/her bank details and transfer the desired amount
  • In second case where you want to receive payment through BHIM App, you will have to send invoice to desired participant. Create the invoice with desired sum and send it to required UPI account
This is how you can set up and use BHIM App to transfer and receive money.

About BHIM App: Features, Reviews

BHIM App is developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) and is a fast and reliable way of cashless payments. It will allow Indians to pay without need of any smartphone or internet even. Simply put your thumb impression and the required money will be deducted from the bank account which is linked to Aadhar Card.

With this new app, you can check balance and transaction details anytime. You can even create your own custom UPI payment address anytime. At time of writing this article, BHIM App has been downloaded 17401 times with average rating of 4.4 stars.