Energy Efficient Tube Lights for Rs. 250: Andhra Pradesh (AP) Government Scheme

Andhra Pradesh Government is soon going to launch a statewide scheme where Energy Efficient tube lights will be provided at subsidized rates of Rs. 250. We will share complete details about this upcoming scheme including how to apply for this energy efficient program, are there any requirements in terms of documents to be produced, what will be the subsidized price of tube lights, where to claim tube light and much more.

From last few weeks, Andhra Pradesh Government seems to be in an hyper active mode (when it comes about launching state level schemes). Another scheme that we can related here is AP free smartphone scheme that is all about providing free smartphones to all eligible candidates across the state (eligibility and other details are mentioned inside the reference article). It might be as virtue of upcoming state level elections that will take place in state very soon.

Efficient Tube Lights at Rs. 250: AP Government Scheme

As per the reports, Government is planning to launch this tube light related scheme on the occasion of energy conservation week (from 14th December to 20th December). Price of Energy efficient tube lights as part of this scheme will be Rs. 250/- only. Contemporary price of same tube light in open market is anywhere between Rs. 500-600/- which means you are going to get this tube lights at straight 50-60% discount.

Energy Efficient Tube Light Scheme in Andhra Pradesh
Energy Efficient Tube Light Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

This scheme is in planning phase only. Much details are not available. Please be rest assured as whenever the details will be shared, we will update them here. It is still a question from where these tube lights will be sold? Will it be compulsory to buy new energy efficient tube lights? What documents will be required? How many tube lights can be purchased at one identity etc. Most probably these tube lights will be sold through Local Gram Panchayat Offices (GPOs) and Municipality offices (in urban areas). Some sort of identity proof will be required (just to make sure that someone does not exploit this offer for any bad reasons) to purchase the discounted tubes.


Energy is an area where we need to consume resources with very carefully. Energy resources are limited and are serving the needs since their invention. This new electricity tubes will help in consuming the energy resources more smartly and efficiently. You will get less electricity bills for same use. They will be beneficial for all customers, government and environment. So if you are a nature lover and want to contribute your part towards bright India, then this is the high time when you can show your love/affection towards nature.

It will surely help in lowering down the electricity bills of all customers who are using traditional light bulbs or tube lights. This is all for now, please stay tuned as whenever Government/Officials will come up with detailed plan about how to use this scheme/offer, we will update step by step guides here. Also please let us know if you have any queries and suggestion.