How to identify duplicate and original Rs. 500, 2000 Notes

Reserve Bank of India has recently launched new Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes in country. There were some reports recently that the news notes might have been cloned and fake Rs. 500, Rs. 2000 might be flowing freely in the Indian market. By keeping all these things in mind, here we are with the bullet proof checklist that will help you identifying and differentiating between fake and original new Rs. 500 and 2000 currency notes. Checklist for both the new denomination is different as both comes with different dimensions and pattern but you don't need to worry at all because we are going to share exclusive checklists to help you detect fake and real currency notes.

How to find real and duplicate Rs. 2000 Note

New 2000 INR note comes with a 66x166mm dimension. It is launched in magenta color and carriers Mahatma Gandhi's pic on one side and pic of Manglayan on other. You can use below points to ensure originality of new Rs. 2000 currency note:

  1. If in presence of light you tilt the new 2000 note upwards, you will see Rs. 2000 written on it
  2. Check the new note in front of light source (may be normal bulb, torch or anything like). You must see a Rs. 2000 tag there.
  3. 2000 written in Devanagari script
  4. Mahatma Gandhi portrait at the center of the note
  5. 'rbi' and '2000' written on the note
  6. RBI and 2000 words written on the security thread
  7. Security thread will change its color from green to blue on tilting it
  8. Mahatma Gandhi's portrait and 2000 written in water mark
  9. Increasing order of size of numbers (2000) from left to right
  10. Ashok Satambh on right side of the image
  11. Rs. 2000 written on top of the Ashok Satambh printed on right side
  12. 7 lines on left and right side of the note
  13. Check out the printing year of the note
  14. Swach Bharat Logo on back side of the note
  15. Manglayan picture/dummy printed on the back of the note
  16. Panel of various languages printed at back side of the note
These are few points that can help you with identifying the fake and real Rs. 2000 currency note.

How to find real and duplicate Rs. 500 Note

Checking original and duplicate Rs. 500 note is also easy and have almost similar checklist as we have seen in case of Rs. 2000 just above, New Rs. 500 RBI notes are launched with 66x150mm dimensions. New note comes in green color and have variations in terms of size and shape of Mahatma Gandhi's portrait (when compared to old notes).

You can use below checklist to differentiate between fake and original Rs. 5000 new currency notes:

  1. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi will keep changing as you move the note from one point to other
  2. If you check at the right bottom corner then note will change its color from green to blue if you rotate it
  3. Circle on right side of the note. It is printed along Rs. 500 mark
  4. Lal Kila (Red Fort) and National Flag's picture at the back side of the note
Rest all features/identification patters are exact same as they are in case of Rs. 2000 (just replace Rs. 2000 with Rs. 500 wherever applicable).

These are some standard guidelines to help users identifying between original and fake currency notes. Check out below image to get full instructions in Hindi language:

Duplicate VS Original Rs. 500, 2000 notes
Duplicate VS Original Rs. 500, 2000 notes
You can check all the instructions from above image. It will help you with everything that you need to know about fake and original new currency notes. There were some reports about leaked Rs. 1000 image notes in market.

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It might be a hoax completely but frankly speaking then right now we need some alternate denomination between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 as it is getting very hard to get change for Rs. 2000 directly. Do let us know your views on same.