How to Root Unroot any Karbonn Smartphone

Karbonn is a big name in Indian smartphone industry. They are veteran in terms of launching new high end smartphones on regular intervals. They have managed to garner good response in low and medium level smartphone bracket. There was a time when rooting Karbonn Smartphone was supposed to be a tedious and very difficult task. Thanks to hard work of developers who have made it quite easy to root and install custom recoveries, ROMs on any Karbonn smartphone. Karbonn smartphone rooting related steps which were once assumed to be equivalent to a black box can now be implemented very easily.

In this article, we will guide you with step by step procedure about how to root any Karbonn Smartphone easily. Rooting is one of the high end task that can be done with Android smartphones. Rooting somewhere unlocks the doors to potential uses that you smartphone can be used for. With rooted device, you can install custom Recoveries, ROMs (Android latest versions like Gigngerbread, KitKat, Marshmallow, Nougat even). Installing custom ROMs will totally be subjected to availability of custom ROMs for particular device. In case you want a specific ROM detail for any particular Karbonn smartphone then please let us know same through comments. We will try to come up with that particular custom ROM here.

Root Un Root Karbonn Smartphone
Root Un Root Karbonn Smartphone
 Below is the list of Karbonn smartphones that can be updated with this common guide:
  • Karbonn Quattro L55 HD
  • Karbonn Quattro L51 HD
  • Karbonn Titanium Mach Six
  • Karbonn Titanium Mach Fice
  • Karbonn K9 Viraat
  • Karbonn Titanium Moghul
  • Karbonn Quattro L50 HD
  • Karbonn Aura Power 4G
  • Karbonn Aura
  • Karbonn K9 Smart
  • Karbonn Karbonn Quattro L45
  • Karbonn Alfa A91 Storm
  • Karbonn K9 Smart
  • Karbonn K9 Smart
  • Karbonn quattro l 45
  • Karbonn Alfa A114
  • Karbonn Alfa A112
  • Karbonn A6 Turbo 3G
  • Karbonn QUATTRO L50
  • Karbonn Titanium S205
  • Karbonn Sparkle V Android One Wild 
  • Karbonn A6 Turbo
  • Karbonn Titanium Machfive
  • Karbonn Sparkle V Android One White
  • Karbonn Titanium Vista 4G Champagne White
  • Karbonn A108
  • Karbonn Titanium Mach Five
  • Karbonn Titanium S200 HD
  • Karbonn K9 Smart
  • Karbonn A109
  • Karbonn Titanium S3
  • Karbonn Titanium S4 Plus
  • Karbonn S109
We will keep adding more smartphones as soon as we find this tutorial working with them.

How to root any Karbonn Smartphone with easiest possible way

Follow below step by step guide to root your Karbonn Smartphone:
  1. Make sure to charge your smartphone to minimum 75%
  2. Backup your important data (either take the backup on your computer or you can use some backup app from Google Play Store as well)
  3. Download "Karbonn_A7+_ROOT.rar" file from this link  You meed to download it to your computer
  4. Extract the rar file to any location in your computer
  5. Take the USB chord and move the file to SD card of your smartphone
  6. Remove the USB chord and switch off your Karbonn smartphone
  7. You need to boot it to Recovery mode. To do so, press and hold Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously until you see a red screen (although its rare but for some cases you might need to use Volume Down + Power buttons combination)
  8. Once booted to recovery mode, use Volume Up and Down buttons to move between the highlighted options
  9. Select "Apply from SD card" option and choose the package
  10. Once the rooting process is completed, head over to main menu and select the "reboot system now" option.
  11. Let the smartphone be booted to normal mode again.
Congrats! You have successfully rooted your Android smartphone.

How to un-root Karbonn Android Smartphones

Un-rooting a Karbonn Android smartphone is easy and similar task like rooting. All the steps are similar, except 5th step where you need to move file in place of to your Karbonn Smartphone

I have rooted my Android smartphone, What Next?

As we already discussed above, rooting opens the gate to self customization with your smartphone. After rooting your Karbonn smartphone, you can install various custom applications, custom recoveries, UIs, ROMs. Please let us know your requirement (what you need for which Karbonn model). We will try to come up with best options accordingly.