How to use PayTm without Internet: Toll Free Number

Ever since India has heard the news of demonetization, PayTm is coming up with exciting features, setups that is encouraging Indians to support demonetization by using Digital Cashless economy. PayTm now has become the best way to purchase and shop day to day items from all local stores. Most of the shopping vendors (be it street vendors of reputed one) are now using PayTm as money collection channel. With PayTm, you only need to scan the unique bar code through app and then transfer the specified amount directly. Cash transfer service is reliable and safe completely. All these services can be used with an active internet connection only. However, in order to make the things more smooth, PayTm has now come up with the concept of money transfer without any internet connection. It will be done through toll free number. Here in this article, we are going to share step by step procedure of how to transfer money without internet from Paytm and how to use Paytm toll-free number to transfer money offline.

Reliance Jio is planning to come up with Jio Micro ATM services that will help people withdrawing their cash through mobile ATMs throughout the country. It would be interesting to note how micro ATM service from Jio will affect the Paytm services with cashless economy. Once people will be able to withdraw money easily, will they still use cashless ways to shop or they will be back to traditional ways? Do share your opinions here.

How to use Paytm to send money without Internet

As per the official blog, officials have come up with this service to encourage all feature phone users to experience cashless economy by transferring money through the use of simple toll-free number. This service will enable all non-internet users and feature/basic phone users to go cashless with Paytm. You can use below steps to use Paytm services without active internet connection:

  • Setup Paytm account. This service is active for existing and new customers both. However, you will need a smartphone (or computer) and working internet connection for the first time to setup a new Paytm account (in case you don't have Paytm account yet). Please, signup for a new account. You can complete the signup process from your friend's/relative's smartphone or account. Please make sure to log out your account once it is setup completely.
  • Once your account is activated, call toll free number Paytm number 1800 1800 1234 and setup the 4 digit PIN
  • Now you are all good to transfer money from Paytm without an internet connection
  • Top up your Paytm account through any of the 2,00,000+ cash in points available across the country (please use your nearby center to top up your account). Alternatively, you can use your friend's account (internet services) to add cash to your Paytm wallet
  • After the cash is added to your wallet, you can transfer the same using offline channels
  • In order to use Paytm without internet and transfer money, you will need recipient’s mobile number, amount and Paytm PIN. Call the toll free number and follow the instructions
Paytm without Internet
Paytm without Internet

    This is how you can use Paytm services to transfer money from your wallet to another. You can use it as a fully fledged account with no restrictions on any vertical. With this service, you can shop at any store where PayTm cash is accepted.

    TIP: Don't forget to log out your account after the first signup process. As most of you must be doing it for the first time so it is advised to logout from your Paytm account once it is created by your friend or other relative. Also please don't share your Paytm PIN with anyone else.

    Please let is know if you need help with anything here.