How to Withdraw, Transfer and Deposit Money through Reliance Jio Micro ATMs

Reliance Jio has launched Jio Micro ATMs that will help people with withdrawing real cash, depositing money to bank accounts and transferring cash in from one account to another. We will here share completed details about how to use Jio Micro ATMs for various services related to cash withdraw, money deposit and money transfer. Cashless economy in India has taken an exponential slope ever since the PM Modi has announced the ban on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes. As per RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani, they welcome this brave step and are ready to come up with a platform that can help people with various tasks related to cashless and real money stuff. They have come up with a scheme called Reliance Jio Micro ATMs that will make it easy for people to withdraw and deposit real cash in no time. It will work similar to a conventional ATM but at a micro level. It will be related to Aadhaar Number which will ensure transparency in the entire process.

It seems like Jio has realized the need of the hour as from last few days they have done exciting things regarding several new launches. They have extended the current Jio Welcome Offer with Jio Happy New Year Offer which will serve Indians with free 4G internet, calling messaging for another 3 months. Company is also planning to launch world's cheapest 4G smartphone Jio Lyf Easy to be available for Rs. 1000 only.

How to withdraw money using Jio Micro ATMs

As per Mukesh Ambai, they are in full support of PM's decision as it will help India's economy to get a digital shift. In a world where everything is becoming digital and coming to the online platform, it will define a better Digital India.With the launch of Micro ATM from Jio, people will now no longer need to wait/stand in long-long queues for getting hard cash. Withdrawing is not the single option rather you can deposit, transfer and can check your bank account balance using jio MicroATMs.

Jio Logo
Jio Logo
All this will be done with the help of a small machine that will be distributed across the country. Company is looking towards getting approx. 10 million merchants who can help them with realizing their dream on ground. It would be interesting to see how to become a merchant with Reliance Jio Micro ATM and what will be the eligibility requirement. Please keep visiting as we will update these detail whenever anything comes from Jio office. These merchants will cover several villages and towns where people are finding it hard to withdraw their money from standard ATMs. Services like PayTm who have approx 8,50,000+ users are serving Indians with full pace and till now have done brilliant regarding meeting the cash requirements through digital ways. However, no such service allow the customers to withdraw their money in the form of real cash. Jio ATM is going to cater all such requirements.

Reliance Jio Micro ATM
Reliance Jio Micro ATM

When it comes about how to withdraw money using Jio ATM, then it is going to be straightforward and similar to any other normal ATM machine. Simply swap your card, enter details like PIN, select related account type and enter the amount to be withdrawn.

How to transfer and deposit money to bank accounts using Jio MicroATMs

Money transfer and deposit will be similar to any other app. In order to transfer the money from one account to other, you need to have Jio Money App installed on both the smartphones. Once you have the cash in your Jio Wallet, you can deposit it to your main account easily. Jio is going to tie up with people who will be helping rural and required people with all the technical stuff.

We are going to cover detailed guides on various services related to Jio ATMs. Please stay tuned for live updates.