Kahaani 2 Movie Story, Review, Star Cast and Box Office Collections

Kahaani 2 is the latest Bollywood movie that is ready to thrill the audience with its unique flavor and thrilling suspense. As per the officials it is not going to be the sequel of hit 2012 film Kahaani, rather it is going to be the next installment for same brand. From promos, trailers Kahani 2 appears to be a decent movie that has able to grasp attention for the viewers for sure. Like first part, Kahaani 2 too seems to be giving good time in terms of action and thrill. Here in this article you will get complete details about Kahaani 2 movie including its story, star cast, songs, review by critiques, review by audience and finally box office collection as per first day, second day, third day and son on.

Kahaani 2 Poster
Kahaani 2 Poster

Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh Story and Star Cast

Tagline of Kahani 2 movie "A mysterious woman is charged with serious crimes" says everything about it. With Vidya Balan leading the efforts, it is surely going to be a female oriented movie just like Kahaani. STory revolves around Vidya Balan and her daughter. They are piece fully living in a town in Chandan Nagore. She there meets an accident suddenly and things started to change afterwards. Arjun Rampal will then enter the story. Movie will revolve around various incidents that will make you think about second side of most of the stories.

Kahaani 2 Images
Kahaani 2 Images

Kahaani 2 First Look
Kahaani 2 First Look

Star Cast of Kahaani movie is below:
Leading Actress
Vidya Balan
Leading Actors
Arjun Rampal
Sujoy Ghosh
Sujoy Ghosh, Jayantilal Gada
Sujoy Ghosh, Ritesh Shah
Clinton Carejo
Coming to songs of Kahaani 2 movie then so far it has not done wonders/good in this particular field. But not to worry, Sujoy's movies are not meant for romantic songs and something like. They have a descriptive and proper set of audience who loves to watch the thrilled served in Sujoy's movie.

Kahaani 2 Critiques and Audience Review

No doubt, it is going to be a top notch movie in terms of acting and living the onscreen role. As we said above, it is made for a special category audience and all may not like it. However it is going to be a serious movie that can be watched once very easily. We will share audience and critiques review very soon here. Till then check out the official trailer of Kahaani 2 movie below

Kahaani 2 Budget and Box Office Collection

Kahaani 2 is expected to follow the trends of previous hit Kahaani. It has surely managed to get into the heart of people. They are talking about it and are surely going to watch it for one time at least. We can expect it to do good in terms of box office and revenue collections. Below is the box office collections of Kahaani 2 movie as per the days. We will keep this chart updated with latest news/figures about the collection:
1st Day
4.25 Cr
2nd Day
5.79 Cr
3rd Day
6.93 Cr
4th Day
2.04 Cr
5th Day
6th Day
Kahani2 has started the counter well and has seen amazing 36.24% growth on the second day. It might be the result of word of mouth of the audience. Till now (Fri + Sat), Kahani has managed to perform very well on the big screen with 10.04 box office collection from 1235 screens.

Till now Kahaani 2 has garnered approx 20.97 Cr INR in first 4 days of the release. Word of mouth is good and it would be interesting to see how the things will go as 5th day and 6th day collection for Kahaani 2 movie.

Have you watched the movie, Kahaani 2 Durga Rani Singh Story? Do let us know your reviews here.