Nokia 515 Leaked Images, Specifications, Price Details

Leaked images of Nokia 515 has appeared over the internet today. Nokia is already in news because of its upcoming 3 Android smartphones. Nokia 515 image has been leaked when everyone was expecting Nokia to go live with one of their coveted Nokia D1C smartphone. However right now it seems like people will have to wait bit more to get their hands live on first ever Nokia Android smartphone, Nokia D1C. Nokia is planning to cover entire Android smartphone with 3 new models that will be launched in various price brackets. Nokia Edge 2017 will compete with high end smartphones like iPhone 7, 7S, Galaxy S7 etc, whereas Nokia E1 will be there for entry level competitors.

One thing that that most of the people are thinking of, is Nokia 515 the original/expected Nokia D1C? Well no one except Nokia has answer to this question now. Is Nokia 515 going to be their first ever Android smartphone? It will be cleared in coming days. Here we are going to share leaked images and will try to figure out specifications, pattern of Nokia 515 smartphone with that.

Leaked images of Nokia 515 | Expected Specifications

Check out 2 leaked images:

Nokia 515 Front View
Nokia 515 Front View

Nokia 515 Rear View
Nokia 515 Rear View
Although images are blurred and details is hardly visible. However going by the images it seems like Nokia 515 will be a keypad based smartphone (that too non QWERTY). There will be a center/home button on top of the keypad start. It is similar to most of the old smartphones from Nokia. From second image (rear view), it is clear to have a back rear camera with LED flash at the camera top. NOKIA branding is done in vertical mode at the middle of the rear panel. Word "TIMER" is also seen on the rear panel (placed just above the NOKIA branding).

Frankly speaking it is a very old design and Nokia should not be entering Android market with any such designs. Just imagine using an Android smartphone with basic keypad where you need to press keys multiple times for specific words. It just don't go with the hype that is currently flowing in Smartphone market.

Nokia is expected to go paramount when it comes about the design. If it is something that Nokia is going to launch as their first Android smartphones then the desired success rate will become very hard to achieve. We can just expect it all to be a hoax only. Stay tuned we will update you more on it in coming days.

As far as the technical features of Nokia 515 smartphone are concerned then it is not very apparent from the leaked images. Only thing that can be depicted is front and rear panels. Screen will be similar to old Nokia phones (2-3 inches only) with normal keypad and home center button at top of that.

Price and launching dates of Nokia 515 Smartphone

If it is first Android smartphone from Nokia then it will surely be the entry level variant with starting price no more that Rs. 10-12,000. Nokia D1C is expected to hit market in few days now. So in case it is going to replace D1C model then it will be launched somewhere during Dec end 2016 or early January 2017.

This is all about Nokia 515 smartphone. We hope it all will be a hoax and it has nothing to relate with upcoming Android smartphones from the company. It depicts a very old model that just don't go with today's world. Do let us know your views on it. Will you buy Nokia Android smartphone with such design? 

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