Nokia P Smartphone Specifications, Price and Launch Dates in India

Nokia P is the latest Android smartphone from company. Here you will get complete information about Nokia P Smartphone including its technical specifications, price in India, launch dates etc. Nokia has already announced 3 Android smartphones lined up for launch coming year. We are talking about Nokia D1C, E1 and Edge 2017. From the recent news and response about Nokia, it appears that the old golden days might be back for the company. People have provided whopping response to all the updates related to Nokia launching new Android based smartphones.

Android somewhere was the factor that pushed Nokia far away from the competition somewhere. Now it might be the factor that may bring it back to the queue again (that too at the top spots). As far as the Nokia Android smartphones (including Nokia P), then company is doing association with HMD Global who will be handling the manufacturing department of all new Android smartphones under Nokia branding. As per several reports, first quarter of upcoming year (2017) is set to be the target date of launch of first Android powered Nokia-HMD smartphone.

Nokia Android Smartphones
Nokia Android Smartphones

Technical Specifications of Nokia P: Android Smartphone

In terms of technical specs, it is going to be a high end smartphone (probably strongest smartphone among all set). Below are the expected specs:

5.5 inch full HD
Octa Core with Snapdragon 835 chipset. Having support of high end GPU and 6 GB RAM
Operating System
Android 7.0 Nougat (or whatever will be the latest at time of launch)
Various memory variants
23 MP rear, 13 MP front
4G, Dual SIM, All basic connectivity tools
3000 mAh +
Price in India
Rs. 40,000+
Launch in India
Q1 2017

 Kindly note that these are the expected specs only. We will update you at the time of actual specification launch.

Nokia Brand
Nokia Brand
 Below is the detailed view on technical features.


Most probably it will house 5.5 inch high resolution screen coated with premium glass. Ideally it should come up with full HD resolution with 435ppi+ pixel density. However we might see it housing a Quad HD display.
Processor and OS

Processor wise, Nokia P is going to be a beast. It will house an octa core processor with 6GB RAM. This is something that can compete against all flagships easily. If it is going to be true and Nokia launches something with Octa Core processing units and 6 GB RAM support, then it is surely going to make buzz in smartphone world.

As far as the OS is concerned then you don't need to worry about it at all. This smartphone is expected to be launched in first quarter of upcoming year. So we might see it coming with Android 7.0 Nougat OS unit. Nokia will provide timely updates to make sure Nokia P users are previlleged with latest Android toolkit all the time.

Camera and Storage

23 MP camera at rear and 13 MP front facing camera might be there. You will get DSLR level camera editing features inbuilt on Nokia P smartphone. As far as the storage is concerned then it will have different memory variants with memories 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB even. We will update you with exact details very soon.

Connectivity and Battery

It is a 4G VoLTE enabled smartphone with dual SIM slots and access to all standard connectivity utilities (like Bluetooth, GPS etc). Powerful battery with capacity more than 3500 mAh will be seen coupled with Nokia P smartphone. It will easily keep this beast charged for good 1-2 days.

Price and launch dates of Nokia P in India

Price of Nokia P in India
Rs. 40,000+
Launching Dates of Nokia P  in India
Q1 2017

It is surely going to get a price tag of Rs. 40,000+. We will soon update you with price details as per the memory variants. As far as the launching dates are concerned then company is targeting 2017 Q1. Exact dates will be updated soon.

Do let us know your views on upcoming Nokia P Smartphone.