Rs. 1000 New Note Details: Leaked Image, Color, Features, First Look, Launch Dates

On November 8th 2016, PM Modi made one of the most popular speech till now (must be taken on a light note only). In that speech here declared all the existing (existing at that time) Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 notes to be illegal with immediate effect of the midnight hours. Instantly people were searching about alternates that they can use to replace their existing notes, rushed to ATMs for collecting new currency and existing Rs. 100 notes and sort of things. As an alternate Government came up with new Rs. 2000 note that was available to withdraw from banks and ATMs. As per the reports Government might be working on bringing back Rs. 1000 back to denomination system again. For obvious reasons, it will now be launched with a complete new look, color and patterns than before and will hopefully fix the chaos that India is going through currently.

Here we will share details related to new Rs. 1000 note including its leaked pictures, images, pattern, color, features and expected date of release. Till now it has made its way to rumor/leaked market only. Rs. 1000 note images are going viral over social media platforms. Check out below details.

Rs. 1000 New Currency Note in India, Images, Features and other Details

Check out the below leaked image of new Rs. 1000 note first. 
Rs. 1000 New Note Pics
Rs. 1000 New Note Pics

It is grey in color and looks like new denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes almost. It is a specimen copy and original note design, color, shape might be different than this one. Like all other currency notes, it will too have Gandhi Ji's image near to right corner with green, blue bars.

There were some rumors of new currency notes coming with sensors, GPS and very advanced technologies that can help Government to find locations and something like. It all is a hoax and till now we haven't seen a single note coming p with such specs or senors.

Below are the summed up details of new Rs. 1000 note.
Currency Denomination
Rs. 1000 Note
Launch Date
Will update
It appears to be very similar to new Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 note. Let we wait for official announcement for actual dimension of the new Rs. 1000 note so that we can compare it with the existing ones.

When new Rs. 1000 note will be available in banks and ATMs

First of all let we clear one thing again. It all is a rumor yet and RBI or any concerned body has hinted anything related to Rs. 1000 making its way back to the money market. Whenever any statements will be made by RBI or concerned body, we will update you here. RBI must calibrate new Rs. 1000 note with ATM machines this time and should only launch it once calibration testing is passed successfully.

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