UP 100 - 24/7 Emergency Service Helpline in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government has finally launched one of the most ambitious scheme ever. We are talking about UP 100 which is now world's largest 24/7 helpline scheme. In this article we will break down the entire scheme into different segments that will help you understanding all the facts related to scheme, what all services are combined under UP 100, which all services are integrated with UP 100, how to use UP 100, main aim/motive of UP 100 and many such questions.

Before the upcoming state level polls at UP, we are going to see many more such scheme getting realized on ground. Samajwadi party in state has recently launched Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana that hints at providing free smartphones to all eligible candidates if they comes back to power in the upcoming elections. So far it seems to be a nice election move as lacs of registrations were done during initial phase of the scheme. By taking the reference, many other state Governments too came up with free smartphone scheme (we are talking about Captain Smart Connect scheme in Punjab and AP free smartphone scheme in Andhra Pradesh).

UP 100 Scheme
UP 100 Scheme

UP 100: Everything you need to know

Providing world class emergency services round the clock is the main motive of UP 100 scheme. It can be considered as the extended version of existing Uttar Pradesh Police Emergency Management System (Dial 100 project) that aims at better execution in terms of all essential services glued together to one single interface. From the very beginning, Uttar Pradesh is a complex place about executing such state or national level scheme (as UP is really big in terms of area and population). Execution part is something that Government needs to plan really well.

Going by the stats then UP covers apprx 240,948 sq km area that is divided into 75 districts. As per the reports, UP 100 will provide round the corner services that will include police coverage within 20 minutes of the call in rural and 15 minutes across urban areas. It would be interesting to see how the plans will go like, as if 15-20 minutes police coverage can be provided then nothing better could be imagined. In order to materialize this tough dream, Police services are going to use 3200 four-wheeler and 1600 two-wheeler across the state. For lice tracking, these vehicles will be equipped with GPS and radio communication. Mobile and internet services will also be provided for rapid actions. On launching ceremony, CM said that gone are the days when people had to reach out to police. With this new scheme it will be reversed and now Police will reach to them.

UP 100 Scheme Logo
UP 100 Scheme Logo
UP 100 is in its initial phase now and is available across 11 districts only. Infrastructure is being getting developed to cover more districts as soon as possible. As of now UP Government has allocated Rs. 2200 Crore funds to this project. This money will be utilized in building a centralized contact center that can take.route all emergency calls from all over the state. It will be a complete package in terms of communication, email, social media trends will also be integrated in same digitized center.

How to use UP 100 Scheme: Phone Number and Services Available

Using UP 100 scheme is easy as anything. Follow below steps:

  • Dial 100 from any mobile network. This call be be toll free to all the networks
  • You will get assistance in English and Hindi both (more languages to be added soon)
  • Some customer care representative will pick your call
  • Have a discussion with them and explain everything calmly
  • They will then route you to the proper channel and you will be receive help as soon as possible
Below services will be merged to UP 100 as initial synopsis:

  • Police Services
  • Fire Emergency
  • Emergency Ambulance Services (serving through 108 scheme as well)
Government is planning to introduce video calling features to UP 100. It will help the experts to depict the coding/sign language of differently abled people.

We will keep you updated with all new services that will be added to UP 100 in coming days/months. We will also update you as soon as this scheme will be routed across new districts.