Aamaar Aalohi - Home Stay Scheme in Assam

Aamaar Aalohi is a state level home stay scheme from Assam Government. As part of Aamaar Aalohi Scheme, government will work on building home stays in various districts that will provide calm and stable stay to all domestic and international tourists. Several home stays will be identified as part of Aamaar Aalohi in entire Assam and here in this article, we will share details on how to register, how to apply online, how to offer services, jobs/recruitment in Aamaar Aalohi etc. As initial phase, this scheme will be launched in rural and semi urban areas.

Best part of the scheme will be given to tourists as they will be able to experience the real culture of Assam along with comfortable stay at their favorite locations. Such home stays are quite popular in other famous tourism sectors like Kullu-Manali (although it is not launched as part of any government scheme there). This scheme will create thousands of job opportunities across the state as well. We will keep you posted about them in future.

How to apply for Aamaar Aalohi Scheme: Application Form, Subsidy

In the initial phase, Government has decided to bear 80% of the total cost required for setting up the home stay. It means the owner will need to invest 20% of the entire sum only. Proper training will be provided to all home stay owners and they will need a home stay concerned license from ATDC. Please note that regular feedback will be taken from tourists and if anything is found fishy about any home stay owner, then officials have all the rights to cancel approved licenses any time. So please try to maintain the quality and decorum of home stays in state.

Aamaar Aalohi Scheme in Assam
Aamaar Aalohi Scheme in Assam
 As of now, two types of units will be installed as home stay. First is in Assam Type cottage style, whereas second will be in stilted Assam type cottage style.

How to book Home Stay through Aamaar Aalohi

Dedicated booking portals will be opened for Aamaar Aalohi scheme. As we discussed earlier, this scheme is in initial phase only and will be rolled out in completely in coming months. You can follow below steps to book home stay of your choice under Aamaar Aalohi scheme in the state:

  • Visit official booking portal of Aaamar Aalohi
  • Go to "Bookings" tab
  • Choose the preferred location, number of seats etc
  • Pay online or through cash
Reviews/photos will be there as per the various home stays. Reviews, photos will help you with your choice of home stay anytime.

About Aamaar Aalohi Assam Government Home Stay Scheme

Main motive of the scheme is to build rural tourism sector in state. First phase of the scheme will be rolled out in 2017-18 FY where approx. 200 home stays will be created across the state. It will cost around 16.29 Crore for first phase. It will create job opportunities across rural areas in Assam and will also promote Assam Tourism at the same time. All the interested candidates will be provided free training, guides required for running a home stay business.

Government is ready to bear 80:20 spending ratio at present (for FY 2017-18). Make sure to utilize it properly and apply for Aamaar Aalohi scheme in Assam. 12 districts are currently identified where 200 home stays will be created in coming financial year. Please let us know if you need assistance on Aamaar Aalohi scheme or have any tips about same.