Apply for Idea Tower Installation | Earn up to Rs. 35000 Monthly

You can earn handsome amount of money up to 35,000 INR per month by installing Idea Towers (3G/4G) on your land, roof, field or any sort of land piece. In this article we will be guiding you with the guide about how to apply online/offline for installing Idea towers on your free land/area. We will also be covering other details like how much maximum amount you can earn by installing single Idea tower, what all documents are required, approval needed, selection procedure and other related things. We have already shared another tutorial where you can earn up to Rs. 45000 monthly by installing Jio towers on your land. Do read this article for complete information.

Earning through tower installation is not a new thing and it exists from the very beginning. Idea is working on improving call quality by increasing the number of installed towers across the country. The tutorial that we have shared below does not belong to any special region rather it is valid across all states in the country. Earning potential is different for rural and urban areas and also depends on the location where you want to install the tower. It all seems to be the affect of latest guidelines from TRAI where call drop helpline number 1955 is launched to report all call drop issues. Call drops will affect company's reputation in bad manner. In order to avoid any such cases, almost all companies are working towards extending their reach through installing more and more number of towers all across the country. We will soon see same scheme launched by other telecom companies like BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc

Idea Tower Installation
Idea Tower Installation

How to submit online application for Idea Tower Installation

Follow below steps to apply for Idea Tower installation on your land:

  • Respond to the official notification that Idea launched for tower installation program
  • You can find these notifications in any new paper
  • Please attach valid set of records/proofs while applying for the tower installation
  • Better to apply using the official template that is shared on the official notification
  • Once your application is received by the officials, your land will be scrutinized and decision about whether to install the tower or not will be taken thereafter

Requirements and Monthly Rental for Idea Tower Installation Program

You can find complete details about what type of land is required, what all documents you need to have, how much will be the monthly rental in rural/urban area from below chart.

Key Points
Rural Areas
Urban Areas
Space Required in Sq Feet
2500 (non-fertile land)
Lease Period
3 yrs
3 yrs
Monthly Rental
Up To Rs. 25000
Up To Rs. 35000
Documents Required
Proof of land owned by applicant
Please let us know if any more details are required for Idea Tower installation now.

Documents Required for Idea Tower Installation Application Process

A prescribed format of documents is required that is mainly used to show your solemn right on the land used as instillation location. Please make sure to have below set of documents while applying for the tower installation scheme:
  • Valid ID proof
  • Land property legal papers
  • NOC from civic body
  • Electricity Bill
  • Recent survey report in some specific cases (you will be asked for same if required)
This is how you can apply for Idea tower installation on your empty land. It is always a golden opportunity to have such tower installed on your empty land as it can in return fetch handsome recurring income every month. Please let us know if you need help with any point here.