Download Whaff Rewards App 2017 | Earn $100 Instantly

Whaff Rewards is an interesting Android Application that lets you earn lucrative amounts for completing simple tasks. In this article, we will be cheeking details on how to download and install Whaf Rewards App, Whaff Hacks, Whaff Download, Whaff for PC, Whaff for Android, Whaff Invite Code and other related things. With this wonderful application, user gets the opportunity to earn through multiple ways. It include things like downloading and using other apps through Whaff interface, completing daily/weekly quests, referring friends, daily logins and many other similar things.

Below are the most common ways which can help you with earning money through Whaff, All are legit and quick way to accumulate some cash coins in your account.
  • Downloading other apps which are suggested by Whaff Rewards
  • Daily login
  • Completing various quests
  • Playing games
  • Inviting friends using your referral code
Now let we learn the exact procedure about how to earn first $100 through Whaff Rewards Android App (best applicable for new users only).

How to download, install Whaff Rewards and Earn $100 Instantly

  1. At first, download the Whaff Rewards App available on Play Store
  2. You can download it using apk versions also
  3. Install it like any other normal app
  4. Once installed properly, open it and signup using Facebook Account
  5. Now you will be asked to enter the promo code (invite code)
  6. Enter GG51048 there
  7. $50 will be credited to your account instantly
  8. Now earn another $50 by completing the things that we have mentioned earlier (ways through which you can earn money on Whaff)
This is how you can download, install and earn $100 through simple Whaff application.

Whaff Rewards App Install
Whaff Rewards App Install

How to withdraw money from Whaff App

Whaff Rewards provide multiple ways to en cash your money. It can be done through both digital as well as hard cash form. As of now Whaff Reward allow below withdrawal options:
  • Paypal
  • PSN
  • Google Play Store
  • XBox Live
  • Amazon cash
Through PayPal, you can get it credited to bank account directly. On other mediums, you can use Whaff cash for online shopping, app purchases etc

Whaff Rewards for PC

Whaff Rewards Mod app can be used on PC's too. Old conventional BlueStack method will come handy here. Simply install BluStacks on your PC and install Whaff Rewrds APK through that. Once the installation and other formalities are completed, you will be able to use Whaff directly on your computer.

We hope everything is clear and you are clear with the steps that can earn you first $100 through Whaff Rewards application. Do let us know if anything else is required or you are facing any issues with above tutorial. We will suggest you to use PayPal for getting cash credited to bank account directly (you can otherwise use it for other tasks like Amazon cards, XBox, Play Store Purchases also).