Jio VoLTE 4G Smartphone Specifications, Review Rs. 1299 Phone

Jio 4G Phone, Jio Feature Phone launched for Rs. 1299. When we first published a report about Jio Lyf Easy, we knew that Jio is going to launch many basic feature 4G smartphone in early 2017. For now, all the speculations seems to be correct and here comes Jio VoLTE enabled basic smartphone for starting price of Rs. 1299 only. In this article we are going to cover detailed report covering official specifications, features of Jio VoLTE phone, price, launch date in India and several other important facts.

As of now one image of 4G basic Jio phone is leaked in internet space. This image shows a basic phone that somewhere reminds old T9 keypad days. You can check out the image and analysis in below part of the article.

Official Specifications of Jio VoLTE Rs. 1299 Phone

Jio VoLTE Rs. 1299 Phone
2-3 inches
Basic (Android)
Rear only
Other Features
Support to all Jio Apps, Flashlight
Launch Date
Early 2017
Rs. 1299
First of all do have  a look at leaked image of Jio basic VoLTE smartphone:

Jio Feature Phone
Jio Feature Phone
From image it is apparent that it is going to be a very basic phone with exception of 4G VoLTE technology/connectivity option. If you keep this special feature aside then remaining all features are similar to a very basic feature phone. It will house a basic not so grand screen with dimensions in range 2-3 inches only.

Although not yet confirmed but most probably it is going to be based on Android operating system with very average processor and memory cabinets. Please don't expect Jio VoLTE 4G phones to deliver a top notch performance similar to any regular Android smartphone. Root purpose of creating Jio smartphones are quite different from other segmented smartphones. Jio might be in touch with Mediatek and Qualcomm for processing units. We will confirm details once they are confirmed by officials.

Image shows dedicated buttons for various app like Jio Video, Jio Music, Jio Live TV etc. Dedicated flashlight button is also embedded that again reminds the basic feature phone era.

Jio 4G VoLTE Smartphone Price and Launch Details

Jio is literally killing its opponents in pricing terms, They have a huge database of active customers (at least now when the Jio Welcome Offer is extended till March 2017). This huge customer base is something which can be used with such low price testing. Jio can afford low cost services all becuase of such huge list of customers only. Going by the reports then Jio 4G phone is going to be cost around Rs. 1299.

Earlier we have seen Jio offers to be bundled with LYF smartphones only (LYF sold around 2 million smartphones because of Jio offers). Now Jio is moving towards more preciseness and in-house smartphones. This specifically dedicated smartphone (specifically for using Jio apps only) is a new things and will surely attract Jio customers towards it. Not only Jio, but who wouldn't like getting a 4G VoLTE smartphone for Rs. 1299 only.

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