Laptop Bhagya Scheme: Register Online to get Free Laptop in Karnataka

Laptop Bhagya is Karnataka State Government Scheme as part of which they will be providing free laptops to SC/ST college students across the state. Main motive of Laptop Bhagya scheme is to connect each group/section of students with digital initiatives. India is doing great in digital terms and in order to consolidate the grip further, government has decided to provide free laptops to SC/ST students. You might have questions like how to register for Laptop Bhagya Scheme, last date to register, eligibility criteria, when distribution of free laptops will start and like that. You will get answers to all such queries here.

It might appear to be a tempting offer for most of the students. However Karnataka State Government is not alone in the race and is accompanies by other state level governments through offers like MumbaiWiFi, Captain Smart Connect Scheme, AP Free Smartphone Scheme etc that too offers something similar to promote digital offers throughout the country.

Laptop Bhagya Scheme Karnataka
Laptop Bhagya Scheme Karnataka

Laptop Bhagya Scheme Facts

Below are the key points that you need to know about Laptop Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka:
Scheme Name
Laptop Bhagya Scheme
Free Laptop
SC/ST Category + College Student
Funds Allocated
Rs. 112 Crore
Number of benefited students
Laptop Distribution Date
Coming Academic Year (2017-2018)
As per official announcement by Higher Education Minister Basavaraj Rayaraddi, main aim behind launching such scheme is to help students using technology to help them with their higher studies. It will significantly help the students who are pursuing technical courses in the state. Engineering, Polytechnic and Degree colleges will be covered under this initiative. No limits in term of financial condition is put as eligibility criteria for this free laptop scheme.

How to Register Online for Laptop Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka

Registration process is simple and will be accepted through both online and offline mediums. Below is the step by step procedure to book your free laptop in upcoming Karantaka State Government Scheme:

  • Visit the official website
  • Check for the Register Online section
  • Fill in the application form (in case you are applying offline then you can skip first two steps). Application form will either be available in your college or some government constituted body
  • Fill in all the details and upload/attach required documents. You will need category certificate + college ID card
This is how you can register online and offline for Laptop Bhgya scheme.

State Government is very soon going to invite tenders for laptop distribution in mentioned scheme. As per reports, cost of each laptop is going to be somewhere around Rs. 32,000-35,000. Don't worry, government will handle all price related things and students will not need to spend a single penny even. Only thing that student need to prove is his/her category and proof that he is perusing higher education in state. It will be applicable for Karantaka state residents only.

Will student have to return free laptop after their education?

No, students will not need to return the free laptop distributed as part of Laptop Bhagya Scheme. Similar scheme is launched by Bangalore University where post graduation students are provided free laptops. But as soon as student completes the course, he/she need to return it back to the governing body. No such clause is made for this scheme.

This is all about Laptop Bhagya scheme in Karnataka. Do make most of this scheme and register today itself. Let us know your concerns in comments below.

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