Mumbai WiFi: Check Nearest WiFi Hotspots Around Your Aarea

Mumbai WiFi is the latest Government Scheme in Maharashtra that aims at providing free internet services across entire city. Here we will be checking in detail about various facts related to MumbaiWiFi Scheme including its terms and conditions, data limit, tips-tricks to increase data limit and internet speed, hotspot locations near to your area and lot more. As of now, Government has installed over 500 internet WiFi hotspots across Mumbai Maharashtra. They are aiming at setting up additional 700 hotspot points by May 1st 2017. May 1 in Maharashtra is celebrated as Maharashtra Day, so government is planning to gift citizens a reliable free and affordable internet connection this upcoming Maharashtra Day.

MumbaiWiFi Scheme
MumbaiWiFi Scheme

Digital services are becoming a new trend of politics these days. People in Maharashtra might be seeing it for the first time, but we have earlier covered reports on other such initiatives/schemes like Goa Yuva Samwad Yojana, Captain Smart Connect, AP Free Smartphone Scheme, Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana. All these schemes are polls oriented schemes and are launched mostly to influence young voters in the upcoming elections. MumbaiWiFi however seems to be bit different scheme where people will be benefited right from the very first day of the scheme launch and there are no terms-conditions like services will be offered only in case some particular party wins the elections or anything like.

MumbaiWiFi Scheme Facts and Main Points

Name of the Scheme
Free internet up to 1GB or 30 minutes
WiFi Locations/Points
Across Mumbai Maharashtra
Number of WiFi Hotspots
500 as of now, 700 additional to be installed till 1st May 2017
Timelines to complete the scheme
1st May 2017
Data cap
1 GB or 30 minutes
Data Pack Prices
Above are various facts that you need to know about Mumbai WiFi scheme now. Sources have run a trial period from January 2-January 8 2017, where around 23000 users have registered and used the scheme. Within this time frame, approx 2 TB data was downloaded which is enough to show the need of the hour.

As we mentioned above, data cap will be either 30 minutes or 1GB (whichever occurs earlier), after this users will have to pay very minimal data charges. As per the official sources, government will have a keen eye on all these offers and will make sure to provide most affordable data packages that are in reach of common people.

How to find out nearest AAPLE SARKAR MumbaiWifi Hotspot Location Around My Area

Government has provided complete list of location points where free wifi hubs/routers will be installed. You can visit any of those locations near to your area and can use free internet anytime. Please follow below steps to get details of nearest MumbaiWiFi hotspot around your area:

  • Download the official pdf file having list of wifi hotspots from here
  • Save it on your computer/smartphone
  • Check out for the nearest wifi location around your residence. In order to speed up the process, you can also use ctrl+f (find function basically)
This is how you can locate nearby internet points that will be installed as part of Mumbai WiFi in coming months. Government will make sure to track various activities related to free WiFi services as people will obviously try to use free internet for all sort of purposes. Officials will try their level best to curb all such incidents and help citizens to use this free services for right acts only.

People can send their feedback regarding free WiFi scheme in Mumbai. It can be about installing new wifi hubs, poor internet speed, not able to connect or anything like. Do let us know if you are facing any issues or want to convey something to the officials.